Soundcore Sleep A20 sleeping earbuds aim to improve sleep quality


Soundcore is the audio arm of Anker Innovations and they make, probably, some of the best budget focused audio products on the market. We’ve used many of their devices, and the latest aims to improve your sleep quality. The Soundcore Sleep A20 are the 2nd generation in the company’s line of sleep-focused earbuds.

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Getting a good night of sleep is an issue for many people. Some people find that a dark room helps, others find that a certain bed or pillow works wonders. Still others find that certain noises are a huge help in getting quality sleep. I know that I really like white noise, something like a fan or air conditioning running. It helps to get me right to sleep. That’s what the Soundcore Sleep A20 sleeping earbuds are for. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say.

Soundcore Sleep A20 Sleeping Earbuds

Soundcore Sleep A20 sleeping earbuds aim to improve sleep quality

Anker Innovationspremium audio brand, today introduced the Soundcore Sleep A20, the 2nd generation of the company’s sleep-focused earbuds, following the company’s successful, Sleep A10 launched in 2022. With advanced noise masking thanks to its Twin-Seal eartips, ultra-comfortable ergonomic design, and longer battery life, the Sleep A20 will offer users all-night peace and quiet from noisy environments. Including a snoring partner, the garbage truck at 3am, and other common sounds heard at night that disturb a user’s sleep.

Highlighting the need for healthy, restful sleep during World Sleep Day 2024, the Sleep A20 will offer users 3x better noise rejection using their Twin-Seal ear tips versus single layer ear tips. By utilizing this design, the Sleep A20 can help to block out more noise, including a partner, “sawing wood, chopping logs or grinding gravel” on the other side of the bed.

Additionally, thanks to their compact design, the Sleep A20 are ideal for side-sleepers. The ergonomic curved shape helps to conform to a user’s ears, offering a pressure — free wearing experience by allowing a user to lay their head on a pillow without the earbud protruding from their ears, while causing discomfort like more traditional earbud models can. In addition to the silicone eartips, the Sleep A20 utilizes an ultra-soft silicone material, covering the entire earbud’s surface that comes in contact with a user’s ears to ensure maximum comfort for all users.

With 14 hours of playtime in Sleep mode and 80-hours contained in the sleek charging case, the Sleep A20 will offer users the ability to play various sounds from an included sound library, including white noise. Alternatively, the Sleep A20 will offer up to 10 hours of playtime with
55-hours in the charging case when used while connected to Bluetooth (at 50% volume).

This allows weary users to doze off, listening to their favorite music or podcast from connected apps such as Spotify or YouTube Music via their mobile device. Improving on the company’s successful Sleep A10, the new Sleep A20 will also allow a repeatable alarm. This ensures that users can wake up to a personal alarm using a library of customizable sounds, while not waking a sleeping partner or family members in an adjacent room.

The new Soundcore Sleep A20 also adds automatic sleep monitoring with sleep position tracking and can be accessed via the Soundcore app (Android and iOS).

In the unlikely case that the earbuds fall out of a user’s ears in the middle of the night and get mixed in the sheets or fall behind the bed. A new feature in the Sleep A20 allows users to find the earbuds using an audible alert through the Soundcore app.

Pricing and Availability

Starting on April 16, the Soundcore Sleep A20 will be available for pre-purchase via Kickstarter in the US, UK, DE, AZ and NZ with discounts up to 40% off for the first backers. However, starting today, interested parties can also visit Soundcore for additional early bird specials and perks. The Soundcore Sleep A20 is currently slated to be available for purchase on Amazon and Soundcore for $149.99 in the US, £119.99 in the UK and €149.99 in Germany in mid-late May. 

Find out more at the link below.

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