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We cover releases from Netflix, Crackle, and Plex regularly, so we thought we’d throw some British programming in there as well! The BritBox streaming service is a joint collaboration of the BBC and ITV and offers the largest collection of British TV in the U.S. and Canada. With that out of the way, let’s check out what’s coming to the BritBox April 2024 list, which includes the return of three key BritBox series: Beyond Paradise for its sophomore season, Hope Street back from hiatus with a second set of episodes in season three and Sister Boniface Mysteries for a caper-filled season three. 

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April 1

QI 21

Episodes: North American Premiere, BritBox Exclusive I 10 x 60′, 5 x 60′

Returning for season U of the quirky, long-running trivia program, a new season of QI will arrive, hosted by Sandi Toksvig. The much-loved and long-standing comedy quiz show with a twist where the questions are so difficult, even the panelists rarely get them right. This is the only show to give points to answers regardless of whether they are correct or, in some cases, even relevant.

April 4

Beyond Paradise (Season 2)

Episodes: BritBox Original, North American Premiere, BritBox Exclusive | 6 x 60’ | Weekly

Beyond Paradise returns for a second season which will find Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall, Sanditon) solving even more mysteries far from the Caribbean in picturesque Devon. Balancing starting a family, work, and village life- this second season delivers cozy crimes with heart.  

April 5

Hidden (Season 1)

Episodes: New to BritBox | 4 x 60’ | All at Once

When an enigmatic lawyer enlists a struggling solicitor to locate a missing witness for her client’s case, he is unwittingly drawn into a deep and dangerous conspiracy involving the death of his brother twenty years previously, which reaches deep into the heart of the British political establishment. Directed by Bafta-winner Niall MacCormick with veteran producer Christopher Hall, this stylish, slow-burning drama keeps us compulsively watching as we follow Harry (Philip Glenister, (Ashes to Ashes, After the Flood), unraveling the web of lies and deceit.

April 9

Hope Street (Season 3B)

Episodes: BritBox Original, North American Premiere, BritBox Exclusive | 7 x 45’ | All At Once

Hope Street picks up with 7 more episodes of season 3 offering even more cases for the Port Devine police department to solve while also chronicling the trials and tribulations of their private lives. 

April 15

Conviction: The Case of Stephen Lawrence

Episodes: New to BritBox | 3 x 60’ | All At Once

Series follows Doreen (Sharlene Whyte, Silent Witness) and Neville Lawrence’s (Hugh Quarshie, Holby City) struggle for justice after the murder of their son Stephen in 1993. The family work together with DCI Clive Driscoll (Steve Coogan, This Time with Alan Partridge) to put together an investigation that secures two convictions 18 years after his death.

April 19

At Home with the Braithwaites (Seasons 1-4)

Episodes: New to BritBox, | 24 x 60′, 2 x 90′ | All at Once

A normal, everyday,  suburban family strikes it rich by winning the lottery, and their life dramatically changes with their new-found wealth.

April 22

Lovejoy (Seasons 1 & 2)

Episodes: New to BritBox | 10 x 60’, 12 x 60′ | All At Once

Lovejoy (Ian McShane, Deadwood) is a trickster, a swindling art and antiques dealer who seems to get caught up in devious deals and `get rich quick’ schemes. But you can’t help liking Lovejoy, who has a talent for finding hidden treasures. When he’s not out for himself, he uses his skills as a con man to help the less fortunate and less sneaky.

In season 2,  Lovejoy finds himself pitted against a roving band of French thieves, a vicious Greek kingpin, and a wide variety of snooty British aristocrats-among others. But with the help of his trusty team, including Eric (Chris Jury, The Big Game), Tinker (Dudley Sutton, CREDIT), and the exquisite Lady Jane Felsham (Phyllis Logan, Downton Abbey), Lovejoy’s gift for solving mysteries is the genuine article.

April 24

Sister Boniface Mysteries (Season 3)

Episodes: BritBox Original, North American Premiere, BritBox Exclusive | 8 x 45’ | 2 episodes weekly

Lorna Watson returns as TV’s favorite Vespa driving, crime solving Catholic nun with a guest cast including Rupert Vansittart (Game of Thrones, Gentleman Jack), Siobhan Redmond (Queens of Mystery, Two Doors Down) and Timothy West (Last Tango in Halifax, Gentleman Jack).Britain is in the worst winter on record. Sister Boniface and her fellow travelers are stranded in a train after a frozen coupling snaps, leaving the last carriages stranded in snow.

When The Star of the Orient, a precious jewel, is stolen from its safe and a passenger is discovered murdered, Sister Boniface must use her exceptional detection skills to decide who among the suspects is responsible. Elsewhere in the series a famous organist is murdered mid-tune in the chapel, Great Slaughter’s first sci-fi convention results in a mysterious kidnapping, and a ‘dead cert’ at the screen tests for the new ‘Agent Best’ ends up dead. To top it all, Felix has a challenge of his own when his fiancée Victoria arrives from Bermuda with an ultimatum which could change everything.

April 26

Screw (Season 2)

Episodes: New to BritBox | 6 x 60’ | All at Once

Series 2 continues in the aftermath of the dramatic events at the end of the first series. Officer Henry learns that an undercover police officer has been placed on the wing. But who is it? And why are they there?

And there you have it, the BritBox April 2024 list! BritBox has a one-week free trial and is available for USD$8.99/CAD$9.99 per month or USD$89.99/CAD$99.99 per year.

What do you think about what’s coming to the BritBox April 2024 list? Anything that catches your eye? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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