The $399 Narwal Freo X Plus is now available in the U.S. and Canada


Narwal has been making robot vacuums for a bit now and each year, they get better and better. We just finished our review of the Narwal Freo X Ultra, which is one of the more pricer options available. But Narwal does make more affordable options, and one of them has just become available in the United States and Canada.

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The Narwal Freo X Plus is priced at $399 in the United States and $549 in Canada, and the company says it is one of the best prices to value options in robot vacuums. Boasting advanced features including industry-leading 7800 PA suction power, certified zero tangles thanks to a unique floating brush design, and the world’s first self-contained dust processing solution that stores dust for up to 7 weeks.

Here’s what Narwal’s press release had to say about this budget-friendly robot vac.

Narwal Freo X Plus

The $399 Narwal Freo X Plus is now available in the U.S. and Canada

“With our revolutionary zero-tangle brush and strong suction power, the new Freo X Plus is the ultimate solution for pet hair problems and stubborn floor stains. We aim to eliminate tangles even from the thickest of hair, and our ultra quiet dust compression technology can store waste without odor for up to seven weeks within an antibacterial and allergy-resistant dust bag or bin,” said Junbin Zhang, founder and CEO of Narwal Robotics. “Offering intense suction power and fantastic streak-free mopping, the Narwal Freo X Plus ensures carpets and floors remain pristine clean.”

As one of the top 5 robotic cleaning manufacturers in the world with over $200 million in annual sales, Narwal serves over 1.8 million households via its range of smart robot vacuum mops. Its flagship Narwal Freo X Ultra product was the first to bring the dynamic features to market earlier this year and became a best-selling robotic vacuum on Amazon on its launch day.  Now complemented by the innovative, budget friendly sister device, the Narwal Freo X Plus and the eagerly anticipating upcoming S10 Pro wet/dry mop, the company’s 2024 range will offer consumers a powerful trio of smart home devices that can tackle even the dirtiest of homes.

Ensuring users get the best possible results, the new Freo X Plus delivers a host of smart features. Its full tech specifications can be viewed here, with advanced functionality including:

Flagship Level Suction Power Revolution

With fan rotational speeds reaching 60,000 RPM, the unique U-shaped air duct design, only available inside Narwal’s 2024 range of robot vacuum mops, delivers unparalleled suction power of 7800 PA, making it one of the most powerful robotic vacuums available.

Certified Zero Hair Tangling

One of the most frustrating challenges in traditional vacuuming is dealing with tangled hair. Narwal addresses this issue with the world’s first Zero-Tangling Floating Brush. Certified to capture 99.56% of hair with 0% tangling by internationally renowned validation companies1, its brush is aerodynamically engineered and positioned to create airflows that prevent tangles. Tilted at 50 degrees, the cone-shaped rubber strips have unequal sizes, directing air to one side to prevent hair from tangling in the middle of the brush. The spinning of the fins also ensures hair strands of any length get “swiped left,” where they are then sucked into the dust bag through an enlarged outlet. You can see it in action here.

 Ultra-Quiet Self-Contained Dust Processing

The $399 Narwal Freo X Plus is now available in the U.S. and Canada

The highly efficient motors and aerodynamic ducts are powerful enough to remove 99%+ of particles from wooden floors but with minimal noise. At just 71dB compared to the 85dB industry average, it’s ideal for those working at home, or with young children and pets.

In addition, Freo X Plus’ U-Pipe airflow system enhances fan efficiency by 30%, yet still is ultra-quiet!  This design feature means that collected dust and debris are compacted into the ‘in robot’ 1L dust bag or bin—allowing up to 7 weeks of dust and debris to be stored before the bag needs to be changed or the box emptied.  

Intelligent Navigation With ‘No Bumping’

There’s no need to worry about moving furniture or protecting corners. The Tri-laser millimeter-level object avoidance, LiDAR SLAM 4.0 Integration, innovative side laser, and app control offer seamless navigation and operation and ensure no ‘accidental bumping.’ The front, side, and upper lidar lasers reduce the commonly missed spots as they clean within 8 mm of object proximity and tackle those hard-to-reach areas.

Vacuum and Mop In One Pass

The Narwal Freo X Plus gets rid of the most stubborn stains by controlling the flow and dampness of the flat mop pads through 4 pipelines and having a downward pressure of 6N. With an inbuilt 280 ml clean water tank, it can mop over 4,800 sq ft (ca. 446 m²) before refilling. Additionally, it intelligently avoids carpet staining by lifting the mop head 8mm to seamlessly switch between vacuuming and mopping.

Availability and Pricing

The Narwal Freo X Plus is available from April 20, 2024, priced at $399.99 USD and $549.99 CAD. Customers can take advantage of an early bird $60 USD / $100 CAD discount by using the code NARWALNEW001 during checkout, bringing the final price down to $339.99 USD and $449.99 CAD.  It is available for purchase on Amazon and Narwal’s website.

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