Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

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Electric bicycles have come a very long way in a short period of time. Improvements in battery, design, and especially range have users looking at these as an alternative to a car for commuting. The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is one of the latest to join the fray, and it’s probably one of the best. The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is my first experience with an electric bike of this caliber, and it was a bit overwhelming but a heck of a lot of fun.

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Not overwhelming in a bad way, but in a good way. There is so much to this electric bike and my time with it was short. But I spent enough time with the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB to call it a solid choice for serious commuters who are ready and willing to spend a serious chunk of money on an electric bike. The price might be its only serious downfall, but that is going to highly depend on your use case.

Let’s take a ride on the new Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB and maybe this will help you in making a purchasing choice. As always, please read as many reviews as possible, my review is only one perspective, and it is helpful to find other opinions to build yourself a better picture of this bike.

It’s also important to note that I am coming at this review as a normal user, not a pro bicyclist or someone who rides bikes for a living. There are other far more technical reviews you can find online. This review is my thoughts as someone who might buy this without having experience with Gazelle bikes.

Big thanks to A&B Cycle in Springfield, Missouri. Gazelle did send this unit to them to ensure it was in working order, before I picked it up. Be sure to check them out if you’re in the Springfield, Missouri area. As always, please wear a helmet whenever operating a bicycle of any kind.

The Quick Take

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

As I mentioned in the opening of this review, my experience with electric bikes is just starting. I’ve used several brands and models, but most of them have been low-cost, less well-known, and not as robust as the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB. I guess you could say that this is the first true, proper, electric commuter bicycle I’ve used.

First, I will tell you who I think this bike is NOT for. If you’re looking for an electric bike that you’re just going to use occasionally, and not really for commuting, I don’t think this is a great investment. I mean, if you have the disposable income and WANT the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB because you want the best, then certainly, buy it. But people who just want a bike to ride around for fun and only once in a while, this may not be for you. And that’s not because it’s a bad bike, it’s precisely because it’s so good that it may be over kill for you.

Now, for the people who have the $5,499, plus tax and any other add-ons you may want. This is basically for you who have a need to use this bike as your primary source of transportation. This will essentially replace a car in most large urban areas. Rural users can also use this bike, but be aware how far your commute is and make sure you have a power source to charge, when not at home.

So yes, I 100% believe that you can replace your car with the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB. The price may seem steep, but if you factor in the maintenance, insurance, and gas needed for a car, I think this bike can save people tons of money.

Gazelle Eclipse C380 HMB review Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters 8

I would rather not make this quick take long, so here’s the short list of likes and dislikes:

  • Things I Like:
    • Classic design that looks good with a modern twist.
    • Robust frame, heavy-duty, and seems like it can take some punishment.
    • Everything is premium on this bike, there’s nothing cheap on it.
    • The Bosch electric motor is a beast and performs wonderfully.
    • Stepless shifting!
    • The tires and suspension make for a comfortable ride, and the seat is fantastic.
    • The brakes are top-notch and slow you down quickly, even going downhill at 30mph (ca. 48 km/h).
    • Battery life is good, but highly dependent on your terrain and what mode you use the bike in.
    • The locking system is great and keeps your investment as secure as it can.
  • Things I Dislike:
    • The bike is heavy and big, you might find it a chore to move around in tall buildings or buildings with small spaces.
    • Battery life is good, but when you get into the hills, and I mean steep hills, it can eat that battery up. Unless you try to balance it with human power, and solely rely on the motor, the battery will get eaten up.
    • The price is steep. This is really not a knock, but it is something to be aware of. This is not a cheap bike, and it may be well worth it to many. Others might find it to be a bit too expensive.

Overall, I highly recommend the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB. It’s built like a tank, looks modern yet classic, is about as premium as you can get, and it performs impressively. If you buy this bike and can plan out your power usage and know when and where you can charge, this is a fantastic electric bike. The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is the Tesla of the electric bike world. So, that was a really long quick take, my apologies.


The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB has the following features and specifications:

  • Frame/Front Fork:
    • Frame: Aluminum frame with 71.5° seat tube angle and 70.5° head tube angle. Sporty seat and dynamic handling. Battery capacity of up to 750 Wh available for each ride.
    • Sitting position: Active
    • Integrated cables: Yes
    • Fork: Suntour Mobie 45, Thru axle
    • Fork suspension lockout: Yes
    • Fork suspension: Telescope, spiral spring
    • Travel fork: 75 mm
    • Chain guard: Plastic
    • Rear carrier: Aluminum MIK HD system carrier
  • Wheels/Tires:
    • Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Efficiency, 60-584
    • Tires puncture resistant: Yes
    • Rims: Ryde Zac 25, Double-walled aluminum for extra strong and efficient cycling performance
    • Spokes: Stainless steel, extra strong
    • Fender: Aluminum
  • Steering:
    • Handlebar: Aluminum, slightly curved model
    • Stem: With toolbox, steplessly adjustable
    • Steer grip: Plastic handlebar grips with ergonomic form for a better distribution of pressure on the hands
    • Grip type: Ergon GP1-L, ergonomic
    • Brake lever: Shimano BL-MT420
    • Bell: handlebar bell Decibel XXL
  • Transmission/Brake:
    • Brand Shifter: Enviolo
    • Front Chainwheel: 50
    • Gear Type: Hub
    • Number of Gears: Stepless
    • Drivetrain: Gates Belt Drive
    • Crankset: Miranda Delta
    • Front Brake Type: Shimano BR-MT420, 180 mm
    • Rear Brake Type: Shimano BR-MT420, 180 mm
    • Rear chainwheel: 11-50
    • Drivetrain: Chain
  • Saddle:
    • Seatpost: Fixed
    • Saddle: Selle Royal Essenza Plus gel
  • Lighting:
    • Lights front: Herrmans H-black PRO, LED headlamp, on/off switching via display
    • Front light lux: 100
    • Front light power source: Battery
    • Light back: Spanninga Commuter Glow, LED, on/off switching via display
    • Rear light power source: Battery
  • System:
    • Ebike system: Bosch smart system
    • Display: Bosch Kiox 300
    • Display detachable: Yes
    • Controlled on handle: Yes
    • Sensors: rotation sensor; speed sensor; pedal force sensor
    • Engine: Bosch Performance Line Speed Smart System (85 Nm), 36V
    • Battery: Low-step: Integrated into frame
    • Charger: 4 Ah
  • Other:
    • Lock type: Axa Imenso, Ring lock with an option for a plug-in cable to attach your bike to a fixed object for extra protection against theft
    • Lock safety level: ART ** certified
    • Kickstand: drop-down rear stand, Ursus Mooi
    • Permissible Total Weight: 150 kg

What’s In The Box

  • Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB
  • Power Cable
  • Manuals and Documentation


Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

If you just take a cursory look at the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB you wouldn’t think there was much there apart from a regular bike. Maybe the down tube would cause a second look because it is bulkier than normal due to the battery, but besides that, it’s normal looking. But let’s take a quick tour anyhow with a few highlights.

Starting at the rear of the bike. Here you’ll find the normal bike bits and pieces, including a fender that covers half the tire. This fender is built this way to maximize protection for the rider from any water spinning up. I did not test this bike in water, but I can see how this fender would be effective in keeping water from splashing up your back.

There is a nice rack mounted to the fender that you can tie down a backpack or other gear to. That rack also houses a bright LED brake light. Moving down the back tire, the typical bicycle bits are here, sprocket, brakes, hub, frame, kickstand, and wheel/tire.

One unique feature on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is the built-in lock that surrounds the rear wheel. This is operated by a key, which needs to stay in the lock when unlocked. I never had an issue with the key being in the lock when riding, but I feel that it could potentially break. I am sure Gazelle has thought of this and the design is probably fine, but it still made me nervous.

The lock prevents the bike from being rolled and secures the rear tire. But I would still recommend using another security measure if you intend to leave the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB somewhere out of sight for any period of time. The bike has a GPS theft-tracker as well, but why risk getting it stolen in the first place. But, it is nice to have that GPS tracker.

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

Moving forward on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB, the seat is wider than most bicycles and it is very comfortable. It is cushioned nicely and longer rides were easy on the bum. Moving down the frame, the Bosch mid-drive motor is nestled in the pedal area. This is a great unit, more in the performance section on it.

Continuing forward on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB, the down tube is where the 750 Wh battery is housed. Because of this, the tube is larger than a normal bike. But it’s not huge, it looks just fine and flows nicely with the rest of the design.

Moving to the front wheel/tire, there are brakes, another fender, a very bright LED headlight, and finally the handlebars and Bosch Kiox 300 display control area. I should mention, the front and back brakes are disc brakes and they are fantastic. The hand controls for the brakes are typical, but super nice and easy to use.

The suspension and tires combined with the seat really give the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB a comfortable overall ride. The suspension and Suntour MOBIE forks are adjustable, the Schwalbe tires are pretty big and meaty, which I think they did intentionally to add to the comfort of the ride.

Gazelle touts its handlebars as being comfortable, well, they aren’t lying. These bars are very comfortable, at least for us, they were. Controls for the Bosch system were in easy reach of our left thumb, and the Enviolo shifting system was easy to reach with our right hand. The brake levers are nicely placed as well, easy to reach with your fingers and not difficult to operate.

Overall, the design of the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is familiar, modern, classic, but most of all, comfortable and easy to use. I really see this as a commuter bike, this is for that person who has nowhere for a car, or doesn’t want a car. For urban commuters, this design will be amazingly comfortable. I’ve never used a bicycle this comfortable in my life, the seat was especially a game changer to me.

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters


The app is a pretty robust venture, along with the onboard trip computer. I honestly did not have enough time with the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB to really get a full feel for the capabilities of both of these systems. We also had several days of bad weather where we were unable to take the bike out at all.

What I can say is, between the app and Bosch Kiox 300, there are numerous options for data points. Everything from measuring distance and speed, to finding the best route and full route information stats.

Overall, if you’re an analytics obsessed person who needs as much detail about your commute or ride as possible, the app and Kiox 300 on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB are not going to disappoint you.


Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

So I was super curious about the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB and asked the company to let me review it for one reason. We live in an area with very steep hills, and riding bikes around here can be difficult. I wanted to test two things; can the Eclipse make it up our hills and can the stepless shifting make a difference.

I’m no fan of regular geared bicycles, I hate having to shift gears the traditional way. So the Enviolo stepless shifting system looked like it was perfect for my lazy butt. Riding up the hills in our area is not easy, my son is in fantastic shape and on his regular bike, he can’t make it up the hills.

But on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB, we were getting up all the hills in our area. The combo of the Bosch motor and the Enviolo shifting system were a perfect pair. I love that you can simply turn the shifter and move the little biker up the hill. The Enviolo system worked flawlessly and anytime we felt we needed more assist up the hill, we just moved the gear selector and increased the climb and it was that easy.

Getting up the hills was so easy, we never had to even stand up to pedal. Because of the gear change, we did pedal a bit faster, but it wasn’t a winding workout. By far, the performance of the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB on hills is what impressed me the most.

We never killed the battery, but we did notice the battery was drained more on these steep hills than on flat surface. Makes sense. So know that the more inclines you have, the more battery you will use. I see no problem for urban commuters to get round trips out of this battery. I wanted to test the distance for battery but was unable as the weather prevented us from venturing out.

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

Here are my performance highlights:

  • The MOBIE suspension on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB performed amazingly well. The ride was soft and comfortable with minimal feeling of bumps and dips.
  • The big Schwalbe tires were forgiving and just added to the cushy ride. Even on gravel, I never felt out of control. The amount of rubber laid down provides a remarkable amount of stability and control. Of course, if you choose to be an idiot when you ride, you might wipe out. That’s on the rider. Know the limits.
  • The Bosch motor is a champion, pushing up steep hills with ease and taking a lot of the effort off the rider.
  • The Enviolo stepless shifting system is fantastic and so simple to use. No guessing what gears you need to be in, and no chain and sprocket movement. It is by far the best shifting system I’ve used, loved it.
  • The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB belt drive is spectacular. I hate chains, and this belt drive is quiet and requires little to no maintenance.
  • While I couldn’t test the battery as I wanted to, I feel the battery could last a commuter a long time. Depending on how far they travel and the terrain, of course. We used the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB in Turbo Mode typically and the battery was solid, even after going up steep hills.
Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB review: Pricey but a solid choice for serious commuters

Here are a few performance quotes from the company about the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB:

  • Bosch Motor: Tackling hill after hill is no problem for the Eclipse C380+ HMB. This ebike features Bosch’s most powerful mid-drive motor, the Performance Line Speed, with the innovative Smart System platform. It has a maximum torque of 85 Nm and provides assistance up to 28 mph (ca. 45 km/h), allowing you to effortlessly tackle even the steepest of slopes. The motor is powered by the battery that is neatly integrated into the frame. The huge 750 Wh battery capacity also provides ample range for all your rides.
  • Enviolo Stepless: Switching gears is a breeze, which means a pleasant riding experience for you. The Eclipse C380+ HMB features Enviolo’s stepless shifting gear hub. It has no fixed shifting positions, you simply twist the shifter for a slightly higher or lower gear. You can even do this without having to stop pedaling, which is ideal for shifting gears while on steep slopes. As you can see, the Eclipse C380+ HMB offers amazing convenience!
  • Belt Drive: If doing maintenance isn’t the first thing on your mind after a nice, relaxed ride, then the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is the right model for you. It has a belt drive instead of a chain which, unlike a chain, doesn’t need to be lubricated. Use a cloth to wipe off coarse dirt from time to time. An additional advantage: the belt drive is as quiet as a whisper, so you don’t hear any squeaks and creaks. It lasts up to five times longer than a chain and it can’t rust.
  • Suspension: One thing is for sure: You can head out on the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB with confidence. The bike features exceptional weight distribution, thanks in part to the low-mounted battery in the frame. This means that the center of gravity is lower and you have a lot of control. Wider tires enhance your grip and maneuverability and provide comfort, including on uneven paths. The front-fork suspension and the tires absorb a lot of vibration, so you can tackle unpaved stretches with ease.
  • Battery: Bosch’s lithium-ion batteries are among the most advanced on the market. The integrated 750 Wh battery ensures that you never come to a standstill. The battery is locked into the frame and can be easily removed using the bike key. This is convenient, as you can charge the battery either on or off the bike. Because the battery is quite large, we have developed a special carrying handle. As an added bonus, this better protects the battery against being stolen from the bike. It’s a win-win situation!

Overall, I feel the performance of the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB and its battery are far above average. The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is a serious replacement for a car. I think commuters needing a car alternative will be pleased with this bike and it is a worthy investment for those in the market.


Like a car, the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is an investment. Six-thousand dollars is not a drop in the bucket, so this beast isn’t for just anyone. There is a specific person that will be looking to buy this beast, and I think Gazelle knows this. They know it well enough to have packed it full of everything that commuter is looking for, that’s why the value is there. It’s worth it to those buyers. For Fred and Mary Normie who aren’t searching for an alternative to their car commute, this may be overkill.

But hey, it’s your money. If you want to buy it just for fun, I am not stopping you.

Wrap Up

The Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB is, by far, the best electric bicycle that I have ever used. It is also expensive and for that reason, I don’t think this bicycle is for the average user who isn’t looking for commuting capabilities.

It’s not that the Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB isn’t worth the $5,999 asking price, it is absolutely worth every penny. But it’s worth it to those who are looking to replace the role of a car or mass transit. I’ve said it already, urban commuters are going to love this bike. It has everything they require. Comfort, range, security, ease of use, and analytics out the ears.

Gazelle Eclipse C380+ HMB

From $5,999









Nailed it

  • Simple and classic design, Robust and heavy-duty
  • Stepless gear switching
  • Ultra-Premium components and parts
  • Powerful electric motor (Bosch Kiox 300) and belt drive
  • Excellent tires and suspension
  • Fantastic braking system
  • Comfortable seat and comfortable to ride for long stretches
  • Amazing hill performance, simply astonishing
  • Excellent battery
  • Super awesome integrated locking system and GPS Tracking

Needs work

  • Price is heavy, people just looking for a simple electric bike may steer clear. This is for serious commuters
  • Can be bulky and awkward for some tight city places, in terms of storage
  • Battery life is going to deplete faster if you live in a place with a lot of steep hills

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