Google Search may soon face new OpenAI competition

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Google Search. It’s been a topic that has been on my tongue, mind, fingertips, and nightmares for the past few months. If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts, you’ll know why. Google Search is very much broken and Google is doing some very shady things to small publishers like myself.

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Google Search is broken because AI broke it. Gemini is crawling the internet at a feverish pace, scraping all the content it can, without permission I might add, and using it to bolster Google’s core product, Search. Google wants to keep users on the search engine and away from us pesky little people who created the content in the first place.

Now, rumor has it, that OpenAI may be prepping to drop a search engine before the Google Developer Conference goes live. That would make two AI search engines that are trying to compete with Google, Perplexity AI being the second one.

OpenAI is likely to announce a new search engine soon, revealed Jimmy Apples, stating that the company is looking to host an event this month, tentatively on May 9, 2024, at 10 a.m.

The insider also revealed that OpenAI has been hiring for an events team since early January to organise in-house events.

“They were advertising for in house events staff and events marketing back in January, they just hired an events manager last month” said Jimmy Apples, hinting at a big deal event coming in the month of June, where OpenAI might release its next model — “what ever Sam decides to call it.”

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So AI search engines will be the new thing, it would appear that way to me. Google Search is a thing of the past and Gemini Search, OpenAI search, and Perplexity will be the future. At least that’s what the overlords of the internet say. But what happens when AI kills enough publishers that there is no more new content to scrape?

Where will the AI get its information? Ah yes, the big corporate publishers that are already benefiting from Google Search algorithm updates. So basically, the future of search will be from sources that work closely with the search engines. The complexity of information and different perspectives of information will be limited. You will only be allowed to see what the AI wants you to see.

Sounds to me more like an information prison. But what do I know, this article won’t even be listed in the search engines in any place of prominence. It will be shoved to the bottom, only to be shared by the few of you who have been supportive and loyal to us. We appreciate you, don’t let the machine fool you.

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