Chevy announces the Silverado EV RST, the first all electric Silverado


The Cybertruck, love it or hate it, has been pushing automakers to create their own EV trucks, and the Chevy Silverado EV RST is the latest to be announced. Even with trucks like the F-150 Lightning and the Cybertruck, failing at doing a lot of truck things, companies are still pursuing the truck market.

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The new Silverado EV RST has an interesting look to it, that’s for sure. To us, it looks like a hybrid of the Cybertruck, a Silverado, the Chevy Avalanche, and the Rivian EV truck. Chevy is estimating the new Silverado EV RST to get 440 miles (ca. 708 km) of range. Ford and Tesla both made similar claims but failed to meet those numbers. Though some Tesla users can get it with the extended range pack, which takes up bed space.

Here are the key takeaways of the new Chevy Silverado EV RST:

  • The Silverado EV offers stunning performance and capability that’s astonishing the people who know trucks best. Watch as the highly regarded truck media outlet, The Fast Lane Truck, puts the Silverado EV through its paces – and against the competition – in a series of tests.
  • Skip the gas station and conveniently charge up your Silverado EV from the comfort of your home. With available Level 2 charging (professional installation required), you’ll have optimal at-home charging† that easily fits your daily routine and driving needs. Level 1 charging serves as a backup option when required. Either way you charge, you can head out confidently with a GM-estimated range of 440 miles (ca. 708 km).
  • Recharging while you’re on the move is as easy as pulling in, plugging in and charging up. With more than 174,000 available public charging stations, you’ll have no problem finding one nearby. You can also use the maps feature on the myChevrolet Mobile App to plan your route, help find charging stations and more. Need something faster on the fly? Try DC Public Charging, with a GM-estimated 100 miles (ca. 161 km) of range in only 10 minutes — twice as fast as some of our competitors.
  • Managing your electric lifestyle has never been easier than with the myChevrolet Mobile App. It can help you smartly plan your routes, it provides compatible public charging station locations and availability in real time, and it allows you to control certain vehicle features, all from your smartphone.
  • Silverado EV offers an electrified combination of performance and capability with up to 10,000 lbs. of max towing – allowing you to hitch up and hit the road with ease.
  • Designed from the ground up to power our all-electric lineup, the Ultium Platform is our electric solution for the future — making electric propulsion, exhilarating torque and zero-emissions driving possible.

Find out more about the new Silverado EV RST on the company’s website.

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