UPDATED: Internal Google Search documentation has been leaked


If you’ve been listening to my podcast and following me on social media, you know the issues we have had with Google and Google Search. The company recently updated its algorithm, a few times in less than a year actually, and it has put many independent websites like ours in a bad position.

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UPDATED May 28, 2024 – 09:20AMCST

A new video has been posted on YouTube from an individual claiming to be one of the leakers, see below.

Google Search has also come under fire, this past week, from users who have been posting its AI search results. The new Google Search LLM (Large Language Model) is giving some insanely idiotic and sometimes dangerous results.

Now, a new report has dropped that might pull the curtain back on the Google Search algorithm and reveal some of its secrets and unmask the lies the company has continually spewed. For the majority of users, most of this isn’t going to really pique their interest. Most of you will continue to use Google, and whatever happens, happens.

For that reason, this particular article will not be very long. Rather, I want to point you to Pullrank‘s extensive and comprehensive coverage of this leak. The post on Pullrank is very long and very involved, and if you have any interest in reading about one of the best kept secrets in tech history, then it is worth your time. There is a lot to unpack and you’ll likely have to read this in parts.

Internal Google Search documentation has been leaked

This Appears to Be Current Information – As best I can tell, this leak represents the current, active architecture of Google Search Content Storage as of March of 2024. (Cue a Google PR person saying I’m wrong. Actually let’s just skip the song and dance, y’all). Based on the commit history, the related code was pushed on on Mar 27, 2024 and not removed until May 7, 2024.


What do you think of this leak of Google Search data? Some are claiming that Google leaked this themselves to distract from the disaster of its LLM results and to give them time to make corrections. What do you think of that? You may comment by using the social media buttons below. Share on your favorite social media site and tag us on Facebook, X, MeWe, and LinkedIn. Or join our Telegram channel here.

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