Safemo launches new solar, privacy-focused security system

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With nearly every piece of technology available today reaching out to the mothership to share your data, you might be looking for something more private. Safemo has announced a new solar security system, which they say is privacy-focused for those who would rather not share their data with a faceless corporation.

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Safemo, a privacy-focused player in home security solutions, has launched its first wireless 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 With 5W Solar Panels. Here’s what the press release had to say about this new, intriguing security system.

Elevating the standard of home safety solutions, Safemo’s pioneering system revolves around the Safemo Hub. Utilizing local AI and data processing, the hub prioritizes user privacy by securely managing video footage and sensitive information on local hardware, enhancing system responsiveness and efficiency. Users can directly access 4K footage within seconds, guaranteeing total peace of mind. SafeRTC technology further ensures secure and private communication between the user’s smartphone and the hub, safeguarding interactions and maintaining stringent privacy standards throughout.

Compatible with iOS (Android coming soon), Safemo’s set is ideal for outdoor spaces thanks to its weather-resistant materials. Composed of two 4K ultra-high-definition add-on cameras, a smart hub, and two 5W solar panels, the kit connects to the Safemo app and home network, offering real-time monitoring and a suite of features tailored for ultimate peace of mind.

Safemo launches new solar, privacy-focused security system

Standout features of Safemo’s debut security system include:

  • Privacy protection: SafeRTC technology establishes a secure encrypted communicational channel between the user’s smartphone app and the hub, ensuring data privacy and control, up to 6 months storage (32GB) at no additional cost.
  • AI-focused features: including Smart Recognition to efficiently differentiate people, vehicles, packages, and pets from other motion types, and Tailored Motion Zones, to focus on what truly matters and reduce unwanted alerts.
  • Solar panels: Safemo’s solar panels produce a 28% higher energy conversion efficiency, compared to competitor solar panels, sustaining operations for up to three days with just two to three hours of daily direct sunlight.
  • 4K clarity: ultra-high-definition cameras with 3840×2160 resolution, viewing range up to 60ft (ca. 18 m), 8x zoom, and color night vision offering market-leading viewing clarity even in low light.

Aaron Lee, VP of Product at Safemo, said: “At Safemo, our mission was clear: to redefine home security. Leaving behind conventional cloud-centric models that compromise privacy and autonomy, we’ve engineered a paradigm shift. Our state-of-the-art system, with top-tier hardware, advanced AI capabilities, and strengthened by SafeRTC, offers each user a unique private security cloud. This both aligns with modern security standards and safeguards the sanctity of personal privacy.”

Safemo is committed to spearheading innovation in the industry with a privacy-first ethos, advancing privacy-focused solutions utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology for tailored surveillance. Features in development include filtering familiar faces for efficient monitoring and cross-camera event tracking, smartly combining activities for comprehensive surveillance across linked cameras.

Safemo’s 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 With 5W Solar Panels is available for pre-order at the link below for $399.99

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