Digital Shadow: Watch Dog‘s Stunt Outs Shoddy Facebook Privacy Settings


I’ve certainly complained about Facebook in the past, and my feelings have largely remained the same.  It’s no secret that Facebook doesn’t seem to respect your privacy, and really wants to pry open and inspect all aspects of your life.  For the most part we seem to let them.  They roll out changes to their privacy settings, making you opt-out of updates that increasingly open up your data – if you can even find where to opt-out in their giant mess of settings.

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Heroes of Steel Review: Mobile Tactical RPG for Android/iOS


I was given access to Heroes of Steel – the upcoming tactical fantasy role-playing game from the Trese Brothers – on November 24th at around 1:30 am.  I was getting ready to head to bed and figured I would just install the game and really dive in after I got some sleep.  After getting everything downloaded I thought I would just boot it up so I could check out the beginning of the game, but then get some sleep and play more in the morning.  The next thing I knew, it was 4am and I was still playing.

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