No Man’s Sky Launch on PC is a disaster

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One of the year’s most anticipated games launched a few days ago for the PS4 and all seemed well. Mostly… well. Reviews were mixed, but trending towards the positive. The important thing was that any complaints people had were centered around the highly ambitious game being boring, repetitive, and pointless. And let’s be honest here, it is. Then, yesterday, August 12th, Hello Games unleashed their space exploration snooze-fest on the PC community. It was not long before the internet filled with players screaming about a game that sounded nothing short of broken.

As of now the game sits at 57% on Steam with some scathing comments in tow:

  1. If you like the first 5 seconds of the opening screen over and over again, this game is for you. As for the game-play, i have no clue because apparently its to hard to implement a game after having it finished for a long time.

  2. I literally opened and let the game crash about 100 times so I could get the five minutes “play time” required to write this review…

  3. Sort of hard to tell if the game is worth the hype when the performance is this bad. I have a respectable rig and I suppose the game is “playable” in the strictest sense of the word but the frame rate is all over the place and it has random stuttering that I can’t account for. I would say save your money.

  4. Crashes on open every time. gg…

  5. You’re severly wrong about the minimum system requirements, replace them with this-Mimimun-A computer made by jesus christ himself but it’ll still struggle to hit 20 fps

  6. Steam refund simulator 2016 10/10 would refund again

Seems like the biggest issues are with lag and poor frame rate, but plenty of players are not even able to start the game. Bugs are inevitable but shipping a $60 game that won’t even work in many cases is inexcusable. To their credit, the developers have been working very hard to address and repair the problems. The game’s director, Sean Murray, acknowledged the gripes early and has been actively posting on Twitter with updates on their progress:

My own personal dislike of this game aside, I fully acknowledge that it was an incredibly desirous and pioneer effort from a hard working group of people. And despite them launching a faulty product on PC I do hope they are given a chance to fix it and make it right for the players that forked over their hard earned money.

Have you tried No Man’s Sky? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media.


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