Quick App Review: Duck Dynasty Battle of the Beards HD iOS

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Unless you are completely living under a rock (or your a redneck with no TV), you have some understanding of who and what Duck Dynasty is. Briefly, the stars of the A&E show run a very successful duck call manufacturing company. What has made them explode into one of the most popular shows on television are the personalities of the characters. A simple family with simple ideals and no nonsense back woods thinking. They have not succumbed to the trappings of success, money and fame (well maybe not the way most might succumb to it). They pride themselves on being “rednecks”.

The game itself is not anything complicated in terms of game play or design. It’s straight forward and simple. You start the game as a yuppie in a suit and tie and progress to redneck status. You basically have to perform a series of “redneck” tasks, like shooting a running buck without hitting the doe. Of course there is duck shooting too as well as doves and squirrels (now that’s really getting redneck). Did I mention catching frogs and shooting beaver? Yeah, there’s lots of killing, even Phil quips about rednecks and killing things in the game. But there are other tasks that need to be accomplished in the game as well.


For example, what’s a redneck if he can’t eat donuts and hot peppers? Flinging donuts into Uncle Si’s mouth and hot peppers into Jase’s mouth is one of the more fun tasks. As I’m writing this I’m beginning to see a pattern of food in the game, LOL. But rednecks just don’t play, there are work related tasks like assembling a duck call properly, taping up the duck call boxes and blowing up beaver dams. Oh yeah, the destruction of things is also a pattern in the game. Busting up an old radio, blowing up an old deer stand in the tree and slicing up boxes are among some of the destruction tasks. The updated version has just introduced sucking up bees with a vacuum and shaking berries out of a tree.

The tasks are loads of fun with great little sayings and quotes straight from the Duck Dynasty guys. Like most games of this nature you have a three strikes your out rule. If you fail to complete a task you get your beard shaved off and your smiley redneck goes to a sad faced naked face. You have three beards, get them all shaved off and you lose the game. As you play the game and progress through the levels, some of the tasks will repeat but will require more moves or become faster. I’ve only made it to level 33, the game gets moving after that.

Overall this is a fun game, it’s a great time waster and the funny quotes paired with the music and graphics make it a fun and pleasurable experience. This is a game anyone can play both kids and adults should enjoy this very much. I give it 5 stars, worth the .99 cost. There are in app purchases in this game but I don’t see any reason you need them. They don’t increase your skill or abilities. You basically use your coins to upgrade “your guy” with beards, bandannas, sunglasses, camo etc. Battle Of The Beards is worth a play, you just might get hooked. Hit the App store logo to get yours.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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