How One Man Bypassed 2-Factor-Authentication


Shubham Shaw reveals in a blog post, that he has been able to bypass 2-Factor-Authentication on Facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin and Google yes Google. Shaw is a based in Sydney Australia and this is where he conducted his research. But even so,this exploit/hack could be valid just about anywhere, it just hasn’t been tested anywhere else (that we know of). 2-Factor-Authentication has always been a solid security measure to protect your accounts and it is used widely, especially amongst more tech savvy individuals.

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LinkedIn Acquires Job Matching Service Bright

In its largest-ever acquisition, LinkedIn has bought job matching service Bright for $120 million USD. LinkedIn is the largest and most popular social network centered around showcasing and furthering members’ professional goals. Bright uses advanced mathematical algorithms to match qualified users to employers who may overlook their applications.

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