The Great CERN And LEGO Scavenger Hunt Is On

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CERN is home to the largest particle accelerator on the planet and home to an army of nerds, geeks and intellectuals (in other words, a happy place). Recently CERN allowed Google to bring its Street View cameras (Here) into the lab and give the public a view of their facility.

Now CERN is having a very fun and cool scavenger hunt inside its data center and you’re welcome to participate! And what is it you’re looking for? LEGOs! Check out the details below then hit the link below to get to the CERN webpage where the scavenger hunt is taking place.

Here are the details:

Helpful hints:

  • Try looking on top of racks and servers; these figurines won’t be hanging from the air!

  • There are over 20 LEGO® figurines spread across both floors of the Computing Centre. If you think you’ve looked everywhere, try the next floor.

  • We’ve included a map of the Computer Centre and an example of a figurine (above) to help you get started.

Check it out on CERN’s site or simply start hunting by going to Google Street view HERE

Source: The Escapist

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