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A few days ago I brought you just a few reasons why you should consider Android as your next mobile platform. Today I will give you some reasons why iOS could be your choice in mobile. As I did in my Android article, I am going to focus on the good points of iOS and the iPhone. There are plenty of resources on the internet that will give you their reasons not to adopt iOS (I have my own as well), but for this article, I am focusing on why you should consider iOS.

Great hardware design

There are two things I give Apple much credit for, marketing and design. Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that the iPhone has been an industry leader in hardware design. There are arguments to be made on whether or not they took inspiration from other manufacturers in some of their design, but I will leave those for the commentators. When the original iPhone debuted it was a thing of beauty.  We all wanted one, and many of us got one. The design remained relatively the same until the iPhone 4 debuted in an all glass body with aluminium edge design. Once again, Apple had created a thing of beauty.  Yes, there were flaws in certain areas, one of which prompted Apple to inform the public that “we were holding it wrong.” But again, I am talking aesthetic design here, not functional design. When the iPhone 5 debuted it scratched the all glass body idea and went to an all aluminium construction, much like its laptop line up.  Just looking at shape, the iPhone 5 is not far off from the iPhone 4.  Apple elongated the phone to fit the 4″ screen and took the back glass out.  Now we are at the iPhone 5S, which does not change much at all in terms of hardware design. The only real difference is the fingerprint scanner home button.  Other than that it is identical to the iPhone 5.  All this to say, hardware has always been a strong point in the iPhone and it is just one reason to consider the iPhone and iOS as your next mobile platform.

Great App Selection

Just a few years back the phrase “there’s an app for that” made its way around the world like wildfire. People started talking about the iPhone and apps and what they could do for you. Without a doubt Apple has one of the richest and most vibrant app ecosystems there is. iOS developers make some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional apps anywhere. Part of the reason the apps tend to be very high quality is because of Apple’s strong influence over its app store and developers (some may have other ways of describing it, but, again, we will leave that argument in the comments section). Not only are the apps great there are a lot of them. This is due to the iPhone getting established as a device so quickly. Companies no longer even think about making an app for iOS, it is just an automatic requirement.  I will say again that the apps in the iOS ecosystem are some of the best  on any platform. While other platforms have caught up to Apple in the amount of apps offered, I believe Apple still has a wider variety of quality apps.


The User Experience 

The user experience is a subjective matter.  It is obvious that iOS is not for everyone (exactly why I wrote the Android article a few days ago). That being said, the iOS experience can be described as the experience Apple thinks you should have. Without bashing on iOS and iPhone, I will just say that there is very little true customization that can be done on the iPhone without jailbreak. For the most part everyone who owns an iPhone will have the exact same user experience as everyone else. And that’s OK because not everyone needs to customize their phone with different icons and launchers. Some are just happy to have a picture of the kids as a background and move right on with life. The iOS UE is mostly user friendly (I have my issues with iTunes, but I will leave that out of here) and it works well for those who just want a simple, no worries, hands off approach to their phones. So while iOS has its limitations in the UE compared to others, that does not make it a bad choice. If you are that person who has no interest in deep customization, then iOS is perfect.


Apple is the one-stop-shop model. One of the advantages I see in iOS is they make both the hardware and software, and they have control over their product keeping the carriers at bay. This makes it a whole lot easier when things start breaking (and yes iPhones do have issues). Apple’s services have always been (in my experience) stellar. Unlike some competitors, Apple generally takes care of hardware issues swiftly. Good case in point is the year I bought an iPhone 4. I literally had to exchange that iPhone with Apple four  different times before I had a working, problem-free phone. And while that was an ordeal to have to go through, I have also been through that ordeal with a company that does not make the hardware and software and leaves exchanges up to the carriers. That was far more frustrating to deal with than Apple’s experience. So choosing iOS will give you excellent service options. Apple is very good (in most cases) at repairing or replacing a busted phone quickly.


iOS is not for everyone, but it is still an excellent choice for many. I have just given a few short reasons why you should choose iOS as your next mobile platform, and we could have gone with a few more. The beauty of the current mobile market is the amount of choice out there. Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry all have their different uses for different people. Each does things better than the other and each has problems that need to be addressed. I think people need to research as much they can and ask the question. What is it that I want to do with my phone? How do I want or need to use it? These days phones are almost impulse buys…an expensive impulse buy! So really sit down and asses how you use your phone and what you need it to do for you before you choose your platform.  Will you be choosing iOS?

Last Updated on April 16, 2024.


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