Evernote And Adonit Introduce New Fine Point Stylus: Jot Script Evernote



Evernote and Adonit announced the fruit of their collaboration, the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus. They are boasting the smallest stylus tip on the market measuring 1.9mm small. Bundled in with the Jot Script is what Adonit refers to as Pixelpoint™technology. Penultimate is Evernote’s handwriting application and the Jot Script is designed to work with the Evernote app seamlessly. Adonit is also bragging on the design of the Jot Script, saying it was designed to feel like your favorite pen. Adonit and Evernote had this to say about the end product.

“Adonit developed Jot Script to be the ideal stylus for taking notes. We’ve stripped everything away so you can just focus on capturing your ideas,” said Kris Perpich, CXO at Adonit. “We partnered with Penultimate to focus on a deep integration of Jot Script into a great note taking experience. Our collaboration allowed us to step back and rethink the ideal digital note taking experience. It’s going to bring back the lost art of handwriting.”

“The Jot Script is the realization of what everyone who has ever used a stylus is hoping for,” said Ben Zotto, head of Penultimate products at Evernote. “With Adonit, we’ve created a really satisfying experience for people who love writing, but are looking for the additional convenience and features of taking notes digitally.”

While the Samsung S-Pen is made specifically for the Galaxy Note series of phones. I can’t help but wonder how this compares. It seems the Evernote app and the Jot Script will work hand and hand very well. But that doesn’t translate to other applications. This looks like a very interesting combo though and we’ve reached out to Adonit for a review unit.

Adonit Website

Evernote Website

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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