One2Touch Softpad C1 Foldable NFC Keyboard For Android



One2Touch, a Norwegian company, launched their Softpad C1 foldable and portable NFC keyboard for Android phones at NFC World Congress. This keyboard is designed to slip into your pocket and is NFC connected. So basically you are carrying around a full size keyboard to use with your Android phone. It’s just as simple as paying with NFC, just unfold the keyboard, place the phone on the NFC pad and start typing. This is the description One2Touch gives.

Unfolding the three panels of the Softpad C1 reveals left and right key banks and a landing pad for the smartphone to rest on (called the device cradle). The keypad’s clasp serves as a kickstand for the device cradle, giving angle and elevation to Android smartphones up to five inches. With the device elevated and angled – above the keyboard – the Softpad C1 has the stance of a traditional laptop, with a tiny footprint the suits the slimmest airplane tray table or bench space. One2Touch Softpad C1 users simply touch their Android device down onto the keypad’s device cradle and start typing – instantly. The phone and keypad pair instantly any time the phone is placed on the device cradle. Connecting via NFC means the One2Touch Softpad C1 draws minimal battery from the smartphone. Completely wireless, the Softpad C1’s lifelong battery requires no charging.

There is no word on availability but the company says it is currently in production. We’ve reached out to the company for a review unit, so maybe we’ll have the pleasure of bringing you that in the future. Hit the link below for their website.

One2Touch Website

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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