Blackberry 10 Receives NATO Approval



Blackberry announced that BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones have received NATO approval up to “Restricted” level. Having this level of approval let’s NATO countries use Blackberry phones in the office and field.

“We built the new BlackBerry 10 platform from the ground up with the highest security needs of our government and enterprise customers in mind,” said Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President of Security at BlackBerry. “The fact that BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones have been approved for classified communications just months after debut, is testament to the thoroughness of its design and our commitment to our defense and government customers.”

Blackberry is struggling to maintain any kind of hold on the consumer market and the Enterprise business market seems to be letting go as well. Is this the answer to Blackberry’s woe’s? Enterprise Government Solutions? Or is this just Blackberry making a strong move to maintain a hold on the last front they have? Whatever it is, there are not many lifelines left to hold on to.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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