Mac IR Remote For The HTC One



We love Apple TV and Apple Macbook products, but we do not love losing the little remote that Apple gives us with those products. It is not a huge issue for those with an iPhone or iPad of course you have the ability to control Apple devices from Apple devices. But what about those of us who have an Android device? Specifically the HTC One. I have tried out a handful of apps that promised control of the Apple TV from my Android device and every one of them did not meet expectation.

Enter Mac IR Remote for the HTC One. This works perfectly with our HTC One and Apple TV second generation. There is a FREE version and paid (ad-free) version. Just like the Apple remote it is replacing, it is simple to use and uncluttered. This marries well with the HTC One’s TV Remote, no longer do I need my Apple remote or TV remote. No more losing my remote in the couch as my phone never leaves my side. Hit the link below for the FREE version.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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