Basic4android v3 First Native Android Development Tool Supporting Hot Code Swapping



Anywhere Software, a leading provider of developers’ tools for the Android platform, today announced the release of a major upgrade to its Basic4android development platform. The highlight of this new version (v3.00) is a new Rapid Debugger tool that supports enhanced productivity features, such as hot code swapping, that are not available in any other native Android development platform.

The Rapid Debugger tool was designed to increase developers’ productivity by drastically shortening the “write code, then test result” cycle. Using standard debuggers, it often takes 20-30 seconds (and sometimes even longer) to compile and run an app on a mobile device. With this new tool, developers can activate rapid debugging mode and see the results of their code changes in less than two seconds. Over the course of a development project, this can save hours in wasted development time.

Another key feature enabled by the Rapid Debugger is hot code swapping. This allows developers to modify the code while the app is running and view the results “on the fly”, without the need to close the app, compile the code and re-run the app. Hot code swapping helps to streamline the coding process and saves significant time and development costs.

“Basic4android is a RAD (rapid application development) tool designed to simplify and accelerate time-to-revenue for Android applications,” said Erel Uziel, CEO of Anywhere Software. “Our goal has always been to maximize developer productivity. With the new Rapid Debugger tool, developers are able to quickly code and test instead of waiting for the app to be deployed time and again.”

The Beta version of this service was released last month and has received a very enthusiastic welcome from Basic4android’s community of more than 40,000 developers. For example, one community member, Klaus, commented: “I have worked on a big project with the Rapid Debugger in “real conditions” fine-tuning my app. It is a real pleasure working with it and a HUGE efficiency improvement in development time.”

Basic4android supports all Android phones and tablets (from Android 1.6 and up to Android 4.3). To date, the platform has been used to develop thousands of advanced applications including features such as: SQL databases, GPS, Serial ports (Bluetooth), Camera, XML parsing, Web services (HTTP), JSON, Animations, Network (TCP/IP), Text To Speech (TTS), Voice Recognition, WebView, Monetization , Graphics, NFC, USB and many more.

The above was a Press Release from Basic4android

Photo Credit: DroidLife


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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