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thingCHARGER has announced the launch of its new charging solution for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. This device is the first universal wire-less wall charging unit and lets you charge one or multiple things at once, from any standard outlet, free of messy charging wires. The thingCHARGER unit easily plugs into any existing outlet, instantly creating a neat charging station which keeps the outlets free to use. The sleek design virtually disappears into the interior design of a home and offers a new, stylish way to charge any of the billion+ USB devices, on the planet.

“Just one thingCHARGER allows you to turn any regular US outlet into a charging station for up to 3 devices – and still keep both outlets free to use. People love that you can plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together and charge all your things at once,” said Seymour Segnit, Founder and Inventor of thingCHARGER. “We’ve been blown-away by the response in social media. Everyone seems to want thingCHARGER NOW! so we’re thrilled to launch on and let everyone who loves their mobile devices to participate in bringing this amazing product to market.”

How can one product charge so many things? Very easily. thingCHARGER has interchangeable charging ‘tips’ which can be swapped in seconds and store conveniently in the back. It will ship with Apple 30-pin, Micro-USB and Mini-USB tips as well as the Lightning connector for newer Apple devices. With thingCHARGER, you’ll always be ready to charge any phone, any tablet, any device from any brand like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, LG including iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S & 4, all iPads, Samsung Galaxy S4 & S3, Galaxy Note, HTC One and countless others.

To celebrate this launch, thingCHARGER is offering a bonus FREE thingCHARGER to the first 300 who support the launch from as little as $1 at starting 9 am EST on October 15th, 2013. Beyond that, the company is giving away thousands throughout the campaign promotion!

thingCharger is a beast of a charger, providing you endless charging solutions for the myriad of devices you have laying around the house. Clean up the mess of cords and make your wall outlet a tidy little haven for your devices. Hit the Indiegogo link below to check out the Indiegogo campaign and get your thingCharger.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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