Nokia Releases First Ever Windows Tablet The Lumia 2520



Nokia has released their first ever Windows Tablet, the Lumia 2520 and it looks absolutely amazing. The 2520 sports a 10.1″ IPS LCD display  with 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities. The camera stands at 6.7mp but it is the optics that tell the story, ZEISS optics are stuffed into the 2520. So we are expecting some very nice pictures from this tablets camera. Under the hood is a 2.2GHz  Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which should be more than enough to run Windows smoothly. That Snapdragon 800 will be pushing Windows RT 8.1 so that’s nice the newest Windows upgrade is already shipping on the unit. Nokia is also offering FastCharge with the 2520, which means you can charge this baby to 80% in about an hour. Speaking of battery, the 2520 has a 8000mAh battery which we believe is more than sufficent.

Nokia is also throwing in a few other goodies like Dreamworks Studio Dragon Adventure game and Nokia’s own Storyteller app. One of the more interesting Nokia software offerings is their Video Director app which will allow you to edit video on the tablet, nice touch. Nokia is also touting their HERE maps app, which can offer maps offline which admittedly is a handy option to have. Of course you can’t have a Windows tablet without a nice keyboard/cover. Nokia is offering their Power Keyboard which extends the tablets battery up to 5 hours and features built in USB ports. The 2520 will be available in Q4 2013 priced at $499 and the Power Keyboard priced at $149. Hit the link below for more info.

Nokia Website

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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