LOCK8 The First Smart Bike Lock Launches Globally


LOCK8 World's First Smart Bike Lock Launches Globally

LOCK8 announced the world´s first internet connected bicycle lock disrupting bicycle security and sharing. For the first time, bike owners can conveniently secure, remotely monitor and track their bikes via smartphone.

The LOCK8 protects bicycles using six sensors for motion, light, temperature, position and a ‘hot-wired’ cable. They all work together by alerting owners and passersby with a loud alarm – preventing theft and protecting bikes against would-be thieves. The patent-pending, German engineered, high-tech lock uses magnets in the wheel reflectors to charge the long-life battery.

It uses GPS and GSM technology to instantly locate the whereabouts of an owner’s bike.  If a thief tampers with LOCK8, he will not only trigger the alarm, but an instant alert notification will be sent to the owner. Settings allow push notifications to be shared with friends or the community.

It features “keyless electronic locking” by simply using a mobile app as an e-Key to provide safe and easy bicycle protection. One-touch swiping is all it takes to lock and unlock a bike via a mobile device; owners can even set LOCK8 to automatically and conveniently unlock on approach from just a few feet away.

Smartphone integrated LOCK8 also creates new possibilities in peer-to-peer bicycle sharing. Users can lend a bike to a friend or family member by sharing the e-Key with the bike’s location so they can find, unlock and use it.  From a commercial standpoint, LOCK8’s bicycle sharing platform can now easily connect bike programs in cities without expensive infrastructure like docking stations. Any bike shop, hotel, hostel or private individual can rent out a bike through the app or via Facebook.

“When you look at bike sharing options in cities, there is no scalable solution. LOCK8 has huge market reach for millions of individuals, commercial entities and cities,” says Christophe F. Maire (TechCrunch readers’ Best Angel investor of the year).

The LOCK8 will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter from October 28th and after on their website http://www.LOCK8.me.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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