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Well, the race is on towards the smart bike lock. LOCK8 just announced their Kickstarter project while BitLock is nearly wrapping theirs up. Earlier we posted the info on the LOCK8, check out the info below for the BitLock. And you choose which one looks better to back.

Lock and unlock your bike seamlessly without even having to reach your pocket! Simply walk up to your bike and press the button on BitLock to lock/unlock. Bitlock senses your proximity and identifies you as you come within 3 feet of your bike (as long as BitLock application is running in the background on your phone). No more lost keys or endless searches to find them. it is over.

Your phone just died? No problem. The BitLock app can optionally generate a 16 digit binary code for you when you register the lock. Write down the code on a piece of paper, and keep it in your wallet. In case your phone dies, simply pull out the paper and punch in the code onto BitLock to authenticate yourself and unlock/lock.

With Bitlock, you will never forget where you parked your bike. Bitlock records your bike location under the hood as you lock and unlock your bike using your phone GPS and allows you to locate your bike on the map. Plus you can locate other bikes on the map that have made their location visible to you. Bitlock lets you share the location and access to your bike with your family, friends, neighbors, classmates, roommates, and virtually anyone you wish. With Bitlock, you can create and setup your own bike share system for your local community.

Bitlock application can map your ride behind the scene as ride your bicycle. The application will provide you with detailed statistics on how many miles you cycled, how many calories you burned, and how much CO2 emission you saved during the last day, week, or month. You can disable this feature if you want to preserve your phone battery. With an ingenious design, intelligent power management, advanced battery techonology, low power radio and actuation system, Bitlock can perform 10,000 lock/unlock operations on a single battery. This is enough to provide a 5 year battery life before replacing the battery.

Check out the link below for more information on BitLock.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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