Battery Free Permanent Luggage Tag’s Are Here, Never Lose Your Luggage.



26 million bags go missing every year. Richard Warther, Vanguard ID Systems’ President and Founder, has the solution. Vanguard is announcing the new E-Ink based ViewTag® with a display that changes via the traveler’s phone. Vanguard ID Systems has been working with IATA (International Air Transport Association) members to solve the problem. Vanguard will demonstrate the changeable permanent tag at the 2013 IATA World Passenger Symposium in Dublin, Ireland. The tag acts like a digital license plate that allows the customer to control the process of checking their bag at home, using their cell phone through the tags QR Code or the NFC embedded module in the tag. The customer receives a text message telling them where their bags are located throughout their journey.

ViewTag®  is a solution that took ten years to develop. “We had to wait for the technology to catch up,” said Warther. “Everyone I show it to loves the idea. Both traveler, and Airline want a better solution, and this solves the problem. It’s a real breakthrough!”

Warther and his team have developed an economical method of controlling an E-Ink Display. The thin flexible display changes using the coupling power of an NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled cell phone. The ViewTag® (patented) is a joint effort with Vanguard ID Systems and Powercast Corporation ofPittsburgh, PA. “Known for Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power for Low Power Applications, Powercast was a natural fit for us to work with,” said Warther.

By eliminating the large bar coded labels used today, one of the world’s largest personalized documents will be kept out of landfills. Fully customizable to include logos and personalized artwork, the ViewTag® is created with an environmentally safe material.  Vanguard currently holds numerous RFID (radio-frequency identification) related patents for RFID Tags. Hit the link below for more about them.

Vanguard ID

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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