Draco Diamond, Tempered Glass Screen Protector Lightning Review

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Screen protectors are an essential part of smartphone ownership for some users. Let’s face it, not all of us can be as careful as we would like with that very expensive device in our pockets. Just like there are different calibers of protection when it comes to device cases, there are different calibers of protection when it comes to protecting your screen. Thanks to Draco Designs for providing us with a review sample of their Draco Diamond Series of screen protectors.

The Draco Diamond Series (for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S4) screen protector is a high quality screen protector unlike most other screen protectors. It is also much thicker than most screen protectors but for good reason. It is almost like having another piece of glass on top of your screen. The Diamond Series offers above average protection. It easily takes abuse from keys, coins or laying your phone flat on a surface. The thickness does make it a bit strange at first if you are not using a case. It sits above the screen and is noticeable, especially with no case.

Installation is not at all difficult but care needs to be taken to be in a dust free environment. Our review sample did catch some dust while we installed it, so taking extra care to prepare your environment is highly recommended. Installing is as easy as lining up the cutouts, laying the protector on the screen and pressing in the center firmly but gently. The adhesive on the Diamond Series will start catching the screen and even out over some time. If air bubbles appear they should dissipate after a few days. Once installed we found the Draco Diamond Series to be one of the best-ever screen protectors we have used. We give this 4 out of 5 stars, only losing a star for the dust that we got on our review sample. Although, truthfully, it could have been avoided with better preparation. So, hit the link below to pick up your Draco Diamond screen protector for the iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S4.


Draco Designs

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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