Canon Korea Teases New Model, EOS M2 Or SL1 100D?



Design & Trend is reporting that Canon Korea threw up a teaser page HERE of a new camera. DPReview is speculating as to its identity; using a little Photoshop magic they were able to make a guess as to what lies beneath the white sheet. Right now their best guess is the EOS M2 or SL1 100D. Check out the images (adjusted in Photoshop) below. Then hit the links below to read more of DPReviews analysis.

We took the liberty of adjusting the image in Photoshop and found ghost images of the infrared receiver window, the self-timer lamp, and the lens release button, as well as a fairly obvious image of the 40mm F2.8 STM lens, but with a white outer ring and a black face. Also, of course, there’s the black Canon logo showing through the white sheet, contrasting with the usual white Canon logo on a black body.

Read more at the DPReview link below



Last Updated on September 23, 2017.


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