Rumor: Retina iPad Mini Delayed Due To Bad Sharp LCD Panels



Looks like Apple is going to have to push back the long awaited Retina iPad Mini due to batches of Sharp made LCD Panels that are having burn in issues, Appleinsider reports. Reportedly Apple may now be seeking help from their old patent rival Samsung, this is merely rumor and speculation. Sharp’s issues are with their advanced IGZO display technology which uses semiconductor material indium gallium zinc oxide for the LCD’s TFT  (thin-film transistor) backplane. The issues with the IGZO are leading to the burn in and an unknown number of batches are simply, unusable. Sharp does say that the burn in is not noticeable to the naked eye but Apple’s requirements for Retina displays is what stops them from shipping them.

So it looks like you would be Retina iPad Mini users are going to have to wait for the new Mini. Hit the links below for the sources and extra details.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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