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So you need a file you just found on the web (on your laptop) on your device, what do you do to get it there? Well, you could grab your mobile, open the browser and type in the then download it from there. Or, you could download the file to your laptop then copy it over to your mobile via USB. Or, you could email yourself the link to the download and open your email from your mobile to download the file. Well xda-developer cloudvn has sought to make an easier solution and he calls it

Just install the app on your device and then create an account at be sure you are logged into both the website and the app on your device. Then just paste the link into the web app and hit the Down It On Mobi button and then check the Mobi app on your phone. Pretty simple and pretty handy, so go check out the original thread over on xda-developers.




Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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