Sprint Nexus 5 Already Factory Unlocked



Redditor TotallyOffTopic is reporting that the Sprint version of the Nexus 5 is already factory unlocked. He inserted an AT&T SIM in his Nexus 5 and claims that the phone worked just fine.


Just wanted to say this because I’m pretty excited that my 2year contract phone is already unlocked XD. Tried it with AT&T sim card before activating and it works perfectly.

If you continue on into the comments area of the thread it is also being said that the Sprint Nexus 5 is free of Sprint bloatware.


it’s identical to the ones from the play store as far as I can tell. No sprint zone/hotspot or any of that bul*****. They don’t even include visual voicemail, which is interesting because everytime you receive a voicemail you get a weird text (just like on cyanogenmod) that looks like: //ANDROID:VOICEMAIL… Because of this, I’ve switched to google voicemail which works great so far.

Not a bad deal if someone was to ever want to leave Sprint and use their N5 on another carrier. It’s also refreshing to see the bloatware is not present, Apple has long kept carrier bloatware from their devices, maybe Google is finally gaining leverage to keep it off Nexus as well. Hit the link below for the original reddit thread.

Source: Reddit

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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