Ballistic Cases Donating Two Million Dollars Worth Of Cases To Firefighters



This is just an awesome story and a press release that needed to be shared. I can’t say anything or add anything more to what is written below. Read on for the details!

Ballistic Press Release

Nearly 70% of all firefighters are volunteers. These courageous firefighters and their stations play a critical role in keeping our communities safe. In celebration of their bravery, sacrifice and dedication, this holiday season Ballistic Cases set out to say “Thanks a Million”. In partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), the Ballistic Case Company kicked off an initiative to donate one million dollars’ worth of protective smartphone cases to volunteers throughout the country.

“In one day, the one million dollars’ worth of cases was not only reached, but exceeded, because of the explosive response from men and women across the country,” said Hank Goradesky, CEO, Ballistic. “Now Ballistic is pleased to announce an extension. We’re determined to donate a total of two million dollars’ worth of protective smartphone cases.”

Volunteer firefighters can sign up to receive free cases There, you can also do your part to say “Thanks a Million More” by nominating a local volunteer firefighter and their station, sharing your story, or by simply leaving a thank you message.

View details HERE.

In recent years call volumes have tripled, putting a strain on already limited resources and making these brave volunteer firefighters work harder than ever. Smartphones have become an important tool in the firefighter toolbox; and having a case that ensures these phones are protected is Ballistic’s way of saying thanks to these everyday heroes. Twenty years of real world use by firefighters, policemen, EMTs and other first responders has shaped Ballistic’s legacy and resulted in the Six-Sided Drop Protection technology found in Ballistic cases today.

To join in saying “Thanks a Million,” visit Ballistic on Facebook and nominate your local station, share a story, or simply leave a thank you message. Ballistic will donate cases (HCSGor SG Maxx) to nominees throughout the holidays. Volunteer firefighters and stations can also sign up to receive a case directly at

“Doing the right thing is something that has driven my team for 20 years,” said Hank Goradesky, CEO, Ballistic. “These loyal volunteers wake up every morning and truly demonstrate what ‘doing the right thing’ is all about. We are honored to work with the NVFC to help support these real-life heroes. We are truly ecstatic to see the successes of this, with firefighters nationwide being eager to participate in the program. With “Thanks a Million” we invite everyone to show their thanks to the men, women, husbands, wives, co-workers, neighbors and friends that keep our communities safe.”

“The NVFC is pleased to partner with Ballistic to provide free smartphone cases to volunteer firefighters,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “We cannot believe how quickly the original goal was reached, and we are incredibly grateful for Ballistic’s continued dedication with their commitment to donating two million dollars’ worth of cases. This is a great example of a company giving back by supporting the volunteers who protect our nation’s communities.”

For more information on “Thanks a Million” and how you can join in celebrating these brave volunteers, visit or contact PR representative Kristen Bean at or 305-374-4404 x123.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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