Chrome Beta 32 Identifies Open Audio Tabs So You Don’t Have To



The Chrome team has been hard at work preparing a new feature for the Google Chrome browser. We’ve all run into the issue of having multiple tabs open and one of those buggers is playing some form of audio, usually an advertisement. Now Chrome will identify those open tabs with audio playing with a speaker icon so you can find that sucker quickly and silence or close it. But the Chrome team hasn’t stopped there, if one of your tabs is using the webcam a red dot will indicate the violating tab for you. And finally, if one of those tabs is using Chromecast, the Chromecast icon will appear on that tab to identify it.

Some real nifty features indeed, and another job well done from the Chrome team. But if the above wasn’t enough goodness for you. Chrome will now automatically block suspicious files thought to contain malware. You will be warned through an icon with the option to download anyway. Lots of nice additions in the latest Beta and the Chrome team continues to improve one of the best browsers out there right now. Hit the link below to get Chrome if you don’t already have it and for the source link.



Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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