Yandex Partners With Jolla Sailfish OS To Bring Apps To Their Platform



Finland based Jolla and their Android alternative OS, Sailfish, have found a partner to help them get apps on their new platform. Yandex, based in Russia, the company who bought the popular SPB 3D Shell launcher has struck a deal with Jolla to put it’s Yandex Store on Jolla hardware. While Jolla hardware and Sailfish OS are compatible with Android apps and the Google Play Store, we know that getting the Play Store on their hardware is not happening. So Jolla had to find some way to offer apps to their users. Jolla co-founder Sami Pienimaki said:

“Jolla’s strategy is always to work with the most applicable service partners in specific markets and create long-term strategic partnerships. We analysed a number of alternative Android app stores to use for our first markets in Europe, and quickly found out that what Yandex offered was very competitive and that they were very interested in developing their app store together with us for their future needs and for the needs of Sailfish customers.”

Havng the Yandex store available gives Jolla and Sailfish OS a boost now that they will be able to have some popular apps available. Jolla is hoping to launch soon, no word on locations of launch but we are interested to see how this goes. If successful in smaller markets it would be great to see another alternative in larger markets. Hit the link below for the source story and more on Sailfish OS.

Source Gigaom

Sailfish OS

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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