Justin Bieber Funded; Shots Of Me Social Network App Now On iOS


Shots Of Me, a new social networking app created by RockLive and partially funded by Justin Bieber, is now live on the iOS app store. The app name pretty much explains exactly what it is, selfie shots of users all over the world. The app is targeting teens, of course, but we can’t help to think what kind of abuse this is going to lead to. You can search for people to follow, send messages to other “Shooters” and check follower counts. One of Shots Of Me’s restrictions is in app picture taking, you can only take a picture with the Shots Of Me camera not with the stock camera app. And you can only use the front facing camera.

I guess we will soon see how good of investment Justin Bieber has made. And more importantly, we’ll see how RockLive is going to handle the creeps that are surly going to use this app to look at young teens. Hit the source link for the full story.

Source: Yahoo


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