Could Ingress Be Coming To Google Glass ?

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Ingress. The Google augmented reality game that hit the world last year has finally made it to public beta and more agents are being signed up every day. Currently Ingress is only available on Android with an iPhone app expected next year with no definite confirmation on timeline. Well we just found this little nugget (hat tip to Bob Johnson) from an interview with Niantic’s Anne Beuttenmüller over on

Working for Google, Beuttenmüller is one of few Europeans to be able to experiment with Google’s augmented reality glasses, called “Glass”. This platform is quite relevant to Niantic, who have already released a Glass version of their virtual travel guide “field trip”. According to Beuttenmüller, they are “very interested” in creating a Glass-compatible version of “Ingress” some day.

Now saying they are “very interested” in Ingress on Glass doesn’t mean that there will be a definite Glass app for Ingress. But it does show there is an interest there. Ingress is tied in with the Field Trip app which I would expect to be a great Glass app. One never knows, we could very well see that Glass Ingress app. What do you think? Hit the link below for the source and the whole interview with Anne Beuttenmüller.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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