Apple Developers Make 5x More Money Than Android Developers??



Wow, reading through the webs today turned up an article that’s sure to turn some Android lovers and developers into rabid wolves seeking the heart of its prey. Just read the excerpts from Apple Insider below and you’ll see where it’s heading.

For every $1.00 in app download revenue earned by iOS developers, their Android counterparts earn just $0.19, according to data compiled by Business Insider. The gap for up-front and in-app purchases is slightly narrower, with Android bringing in $0.43 for every $1.00 on iOS, while advertising revenue is the closest at $0.77 on the dollar.

The data, collated from several sources including app analytics firms Flurry and App Annie, is the latest evidence that while Android may be winning the battle for market share, Apple is winning the war for user engagement.

“Audiences cost more on iPhone, and the reason is that it’s worth it,” Nanigans SVP Dan Slagen said at the time. “Typically, we’re not looking to acquire one-time customers, we’re looking to invest over time…so we pay more up front for better long-term results.”

I’m certainly not convinced that Apple Devs are pulling in 5x’s more than Android Devs. I do think that Apple Devs make more on certain apps mostly because of marketing and placement by Apple. You’ll have to read the whole article for yourselves and let us know what your thoughts are.

Sources: Apple Insider and Business Insider 

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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