Review: House Of Marley Uplift Earbuds

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We are consuming media content on our smartdevices more than ever before. And sometimes you need a nice pair of earbuds to listen to that content without disturbing others around you. Sure, you could use the earbuds your smartphone comes with, but often times those earbuds just do not cut the mustard. Sometimes you have to take it a step above, and that is where House of Marley comes to play.

House of Marley makes many different kinds of headphones and earbuds, each with their own unique flavor. We got our hands on a set of Marley Uplifts, the lower cost of the Marley earbud lineup. The first thing you notice about House of Marley is their commitment to the earth. Here’s a quote from their about page:

The House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes. We are driven to enhance lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds from product sales to support efforts to make lives better around the world.

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And this shows through very well. The earbuds are made out of recycled aluminum, FSC certified Sapele wood and the carrying bag is even made of reclaimed HEMP. The cords are not your typical rubber coated cords but instead they are woven in fabric which is said to reduce static in the signal. The cord is 52″ long and it reminds me of the old 70’s guitar cables. It is well built and nicely flexible. Even the packaging they come in is all recycled materials.

So how do they sound? Well, they sound very awesome. No better way to put it than they sound awesome. The richness of the sound was amazing, the lows, mids and highs all felt very balanced and I never heard one sign of static or hissing. The materials used in these earbuds, I think, are what give them such rich sound. The only thing I found off with the Marley Uplifts, and this is not an issue for everyone, is that they didn’t stay in my ears very well. Even swapping out the rubber tips did nothing for me. I have had this issue with earbuds of all makes and sizes. I do not think this is a problem on Marley’s part, I truly just think my ears are shaped very funky.

Buy or not to buy

If your ears aren’t as funky as mine I totally give the Marley Uplifts a Buy recommendation. These earbuds sound amazing and the fact that the company does so much to recycle and make a green product deserves at least a look at. I give the Marley Uplifts 5 out of 5 stars. Hit the link below to get yours.

House of Marley


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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