Review: myCharge HUB3000 Portable Power Bank

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Imagine yourself stuck somewhere in the cold and snow, without your charging cable or with no where to plug in your charging cable. We’ve all been there, right?  Some days you just need that extra juice for your smartphone or tablet. I have reviewed a couple of external battery cases for the iPhone, but those really don’t help all smart device owners. And what if you do not want to carry a case on your iPhone, you much prefer your own case? Well, the solution is an external power bank that can charge your phone in a compact form factor.

Enter the myCharge Hub3000 portable power bank. The Hub3000 adds up to 13 hours of talk time to your smartdevice. Its compact build makes it easy to pop in your pocket or purse and it is very lightweight so you hardly notice it is there. The Hub3000 comes with two connectors. A lightning connector for your iPhones and iPads (newer version with Lightning connections) and for your micro USB devices like Android and Windows phone. These connections are conveniently tucked away into the power bank’s sides. They are a flexible rubber that bends out of the chassis of the power bank and plugs into your phone.

The Hub3000 also comes with another USB connection allowing you to charge a third device via its USB cable. That’s three devices on one power bank. That is indeed impressive for such a small piece of equipment. I found that the power bank kept my iPhone fully charged throughout the day. I only needed to plug the phone in once and I was fully charged and ready to go. The design is also simple and not intrusive or over the top. I was able to charge two phones and a tablet easily with the Hub 3000. The Hub3000 also comes with its own micro USB cable allowing you to charge it using a power cube from one of your smartdevices.

The Good

  • Compact design for a 3000mAh battery
  • Clean design not intrusive or over the top
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Does what it says it does, fully charged 3 devices
  • Easy to use and easy to setup

The Bad

There really isn’t anything bad to say about the myCharge Hub3000.  Even the price point of $69 is reasonable.

Buy Or Don’t Buy

I would say this is a great buy. The power bank works as advertised. It’s versatile in being able to charge Apple products and Android products. The design is sleek and simple. It’s compact and lightweight, considering it is an external battery. The price is $69.99 and I think that’s a fair and reasonable price for what you are getting. The Hub3000 gets 5 out of 5 stars. Hit the link below to get your Hub3000.

myCharge Hub3000 


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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