How Can You Really Be Sure Your Hard Drive Is Wiped?



In this digital age we live in our personal data now resides on our hard drives instead of a box of papers. Back in the day you could take that box of papers and shred it or burn it. Well there are methods in today’s digital world to get rid of your personal data so no one will get it. Wiping the drive (Darik’s Boot and Nuke is a good program for this, use at your own risk), degaussing the drive or maybe hitting it with a hammer. These methods can be effective but they all can be worked around if a thief really wants at your information. The only real effective way to get rid of data is to crush, shred and maim the heck out of that hard drive. This is what some government agencies do with their hard drives and many large data companies do as well. Check out the video below to see a hard drive crusher/shredder in action. And if you’re considering it, just Google hard drive shredding companies and I’m sure you will get a hit. Enjoy the video!

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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