AT&T Wants To Stop You From File Sharing With New Patented Tech



AT&T has filed a new patent which can monitor network activity (on its own network) for users using file sharing sites or running file sharing sites. AT&T will then “grade” users in what they call “risk classes” and will then be able to block those sites from the user. There is no word on weather this tech will be used by AT&T just yet. While we understand the need to stop file sharing of copyright protected materials where does this type of monitoring and blocking leave those people that use file sharing for “legal” purposes. What happens to open source developers who regularly share code and other elements through file sharing sites? There are many questions that AT&T will have to answer and if they can’t you can expect the community to be vocal about this. Hit the link below for source and the filed patent.

Source:Torrent Freak, Patent

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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