Apple Devices Dominate In Online Christmas Sales


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According to a study done by IBM Digitial Analytics, 23% of total U.S. online sales were done on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), while Android devices pulled in just 4.6% of online sales. The other notable metric IBM produced was that iOS users outspent their counterpart Android users, spending per order on average $93.94, compared with $48.10 per order on average by Android users. The debate will rage on about which platform is better than the other but the LA Times makes a great point quoted below.

The data are significant because they give insight into why developers still prioritize iOS over Android. Although Android has a larger market share than iOS, data like these show developers that they are more likely to close a sale on an app or an in-app purchase with iOS users.

I would like to see a study done on how users of each platform use their devices to shop. These studies always bring out some great and interesting metrics and they also bring out the fisticuffs. Don’t hurt each other too much now folks, feel free to comment below and hit the source link for more.

Source: Los Angeles Times, IBM 

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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