Fleksy Rocks On The Omate Smartwatch And Is Looking To Conquer iOS Too CES 2014


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So I had the great honor of sitting down with Fleksy’s founder Ioannis Verdelis at CES 2014 to talk just a little bit about the company, it’s involvement with Omate and it’s future plans with iOS and iDevices. Fleksy was one of my top CES 2014 booth picks.

I asked Ioannis what was new and upcoming with Fleksy. He’s proud to announce some new languages coming to Fleksy including, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese. This is just the start of language support for Fleksy, they are starting with these eight major European languages and have plans to support even more going forward.

He was also very proud to let us know that Fleksy is the official exclusive keyboard for the Omate smartwatch. He demoed Fleksy in action on the Omate and it was truly impressive, once you get the hang of Fleksy and it’s interface, typing on the tiny Omate screen seems effortless. There is also plans on making Fleksy more customizeable with themes but when asked if users would be able to theme the keyboard the answer is no, for the moment. Fleksy has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the Google Play Store and is picking up steam. Also coming to Fleksy is improved auto-correct. It’s always a joy when a keyboard company can make things better and that’s exactly what they’re doing here.


Ioannis also touched a little on iOS and iDevices. Recently Fleksy became available on iOS but only as an in app keyboard replacement. Apple will not let you replace the system apps in iOS which leaves Fleksy relegated to in app replacement. Currently there are only a handful of partner apps that work with Fleksy but Ioannis assures me that more are coming. He could not shed anymore light on what he meant by more, but he assures me what they have started with is only the beginning. I’m not holding my breath that Apple will ever open up the system keyboard for replacement, but if more and more apps open up their apps to Fleksy, the system keyboard is left to just a few apps.

Ioannis closed his chat with us by saying that he believes most in the industry are wrong about smart wearable’s. He says, most of the industry believes that smart wearable’s are for notification purposes, in other words a smartphone companion. Ioannis believes that smart wearable’s will be content producing. Posting to social networks and checking email from your Omate will be just as simple and easy as using a smartphone. Whatever happens, Fleksy is truly one of the cooler keyboards on the market right now.


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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