MEIZU MX3 To Hit US Shores In Q3


MEIZU is pretty well known outside American shores but the company is looking to change that with the introduction of the MX3. I had the chance to play with the MX3 at CES 2014 and it is indeed a very nice phone. Very lightweight and the UI is crisp and clean, very reminiscent of MIUI. Here’s MEIZU’s press release to explain a little more about the project.

“In the North American market, many of the largest smartphone brands have raced to introduce increasingly complex features that can intimidate people who are just beginning to consider a smartphone purchase,” said MEIZU CEO Aber Bai. “These people are seeking an alternative that combines the elegance and functionality of today’s smartphones with a friendly, fun experience along with consumer-friendly pricing, which creates a tremendous opportunity for a player like MEIZU in the U.S. market.”

Created for the Dreamer

United States, and especially Silicon Valley, is the birthplace of various advanced technologies,” further stated MEIZU founder, chairman and chief architect Jack Wong. “I’m aspired to build MEIZU’s presence in Silicon Valley to achieve technological perfection in our smartphones. In the meantime, a fair competition with leading global companies will be beneficial to MEIZU and the consumer as well.”

Based on the theme and reflecting on the spirit of MEIZU, “Created for the Dreamer,” MEIZU will offer demonstrations of its MX3 smartphone at CES to highlight its unique FLYME 3.0 adaptation of the Android operating system. This adaptation, which offers a simplified user-friendly experience, presents a preview of the phone that MEIZU plans to introduce into the U.S. market in Q3 of 2014.

Patented Technologies and the Most Advanced Chipset in a Slender, Elegant Phone

The MEIZU MX3 provides a state-of-the-art 5.1-inch high-definition screen combined in a super-narrow 2.90mm bezel, resulting in a large, brilliant screen within a light, slender, visually stunning package. The combination of a large screen and slender-rounded design ensures the MEIZU MX3 delivers an excellent one-handed experience usually limited to phones with smaller screens.

In addition, the MEIZU MX3 features the most advanced chipset available, the Exynos 5 octa-core processor, which combines the power-saving ARM Cortex™-A7 core and a powerful core Cortex™-A15 to ensure both high-processing performance and long battery life. The MX3 also includes a 2GB of RAM, along with a patented antenna that delivers strong, reliable 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS signals reception.

MEIZU’s CES booth will also showcase the smartphone’s premium audio features along with a powerful, camera that delivers clear, consistently sharp photographs that are easy to capture with just one click of the phone.

MEIZU continues to refine its newest smartphone model that will be introduced into the U.S. market in Q3 of 2014.

The MEIZU MX3’s specs aren’t anything to laugh about, check out the comparison chart against some better known competitors.



We’ve reached out to the company for a review unit when they become available, we hope we can bring you a full review in the near future.


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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