The Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5s Stun Gun Case A CES 2014 Stand Out



Walking through CES you see a lot of products. A lot of which are passable, some of which are worth a look, some that are brilliant and then you have those that are shocking. The Yellow Jacket iPhone 5/5s stun gun case falls into that last category. This thing is not only a case but a 1800mAh battery back up and a stun gun! Now we didn’t test the stun gun part out and we had no intention of doing that on the CES floor. But Yellow Jacket did activate it and we can safely say this thing has the juice. Check out the video below from Mike Flaminio.


The Yellow Jacket is not legal in all states so be sure to find out what your states laws are before considering this thing. This is a great solution for those people who feel the need for a little self defense weapon without having to carry another device. And let’s face it, you have your phone on you most always so this just works great. Now we’d love to show you this thing in action on a real person but no one on staff was willing to submit to a test shock. Seriously, hit the link below to pre-order your Yellow Jacket for $149.99.

Yellow Jacket

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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