Typo, The iPhone 5/5s Keyboard Case A CES 2014 Innovation



OK, let them say what they want to say about Typo but from what my eyes seen at CES 2014, Typo is an awesome iPhone peripheral. Let’s face it, Blackberry is all but dead and many of its users are moving on. Many of those users have moved on to the iPhone and that move is coming at a price, no physical keyboard. Typo solves this issue with a sliding case that snuggles your iPhone nicely and provides a full size, backlit, keyboard interface for those who are struggling with the on screen keyboard.

The Typo isn’t without some of its own challenges though, it does cover up the Apple home button. Which they have fixed by adding a home button to the keyboard. But that doesn’t fix not being able to use Touch ID, which probably isn’t that big of a deal if you’re itching for a physical keyboard. So does the keyboard resemble the Blackberry keyboard, sure, just a little bit it does. But I think Blackberry is grasping at straws here trying to remain relevant in a changing mobile world it’s refused to follow.

The fact is, the Typo is the best ever solution to an evident need and want, the physical keyboard on the iPhone. It’s so popular that their January and February pre-orders are already sold out on their website. So if you’re a  new iPhone user who used to use Blackberry, check out Typo, it could be that bridge you’re looking for to help ease you into that new operating system.

Typo Website

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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