Quick Review: Moshi Ionbank 5k External Battery

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There are no shortages of external batteries out there trying to gain your business. But Moshi is in the business of making peripherals that complement Apple products aesthetically and their Ionbank 5k certainly does that well.


The Ionbank is a 5000 mAh external battery with a lightning connector built in, very nice touch so you don’t have to carry around your own. The lightning connector resides inside the Ionbank in a slide away door and tucks nicely away when not in use. The Ionbank also has a hideaway USB connector for charging the unit itself.  There is also a USB port on the side that you can connect another device to and charge it at the same time.

  • Integrated charging cable with Lightning connector designed specifically for iOS devices.
  • Stylish aluminum casing with push-button battery level indicator.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing technology (DPS) for optimized charging efficiency of 15 watts across two outputs.
  • One extra USB port for charging 2 devices simultaneously.
  • High-endurance 5,000 mAh lithium-polymer cells.

The Ionbank’s 5000mAh battery was good enough to charge my iPhone 5s a little over two times. While not the slimmest design it’s not too bulky and it’s not a hassle to charge your phone and use it at the same time. It’s also not very heavy which makes carrying it around easy, while it’s not a jeans pocket type of battery. It certainly will fit just fine in coats, purses, bikes and strollers. It’s really a great little external battery and what makes it even better is the built in lightning connector eliminating that extra cord. And as we eluded to earlier, the design of the Ionbank goes well with all your iDevices. A nice aluminum chassis with white accents makes this blend into your iWorld with ease.

Priced at $89.99 there are certainly other externals that are cheaper. But not all of them are MFI certified and not all of them compliment your Apple lineup. There is something to be said for quality as well. Moshi’s quality is evident enough for them to be sold in Apple retail stores. I thought the Ionbank performed very well and I like the look of it. Hit the link below to get yours.

Moshi Ionbank 5k


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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