Review: Evutec Karbon SP Series For iPhone 5/5s

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My good friend and fellow writer, Drew Sanders, did a recent review on the Evutec Karbon for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and he absolutely loved it! So we are following up with a review of Evutec’s Karbon SP series for the iPhone 5/5s.

Evutec is one of those companies that just deserves mad respect for what they do. I had the chance to meet with them at CES 2014 and walked away more than impressed with the quality and care they put into each of their products. But not only that, I walked away with utmost respect for the people of Evutec. You can see the excitement in their eyes when they talk about their products, not just a passing sales pitch but a genuine love for their design, materials and manufacture. One thing I can guarantee from these guys is, if you buy one of their cases, you’re buying something they would buy themselves. That all said, let’s get on with it!



Let me get the packaging out of the way. I’ve made no secret that I probably over analyze the packaging, so deal with it. Evutec’s packaging is brilliant, minimally designed but not cheaply made. The presentation is perfect and I felt like I was opening a quality product. Well done, Evutec. Now, on to the case itself. The Karbon SP Series is a combination of class and wicked design. I love its minimal look with that hint of “look at me again, I dare ya.” It’s made up of two pieces, two very LIGHT pieces of material. The inner shell is a TPU material made for shock resistance. This means if you drop your phone, the inner shell will take most of the shock force that is generated in a drop. The outer shell is made of dual fused layers of DuPont Kevlar fibers. So, that outer shell is designed to take most of the brute force that is generated in a drop. Check out the graphic below to see how they make that awesome Kevlar outer case.



These two pieces work together to protect your iPhone 5/5s from a decent drop. Evutec even took care of the front of the phone, with a nice raised edge that protects the screen from laying it flat on a surface and from a face plant drop. What’s most amazing is the weight of this thing. As Drew said in his review, the weight is almost non-existent. I don’t think I’ve held a case in this class, with this little weight, and felt it would deliver superior protection. The Karbon SP is a beast and light on its feet, the Muhammad Ali of phone cases. Brilliant! It’s comfortable to hold in the hand with very little slippage, once broken in any slipperiness is gone. All buttons are easily accessible and the inner TPU case buttons are extremely tactile, I didn’t feel at all like I had to work to operate the buttons.


Evutec is passionate about their products and it shows. From their excellent presentation and packaging to their superior materials and construction. The Karbon SP is a case that is worth every bit of its $49.95 price tag. It’s minimal look occasionally snarls out for attention but then creeps back to hiding. Don’t be fooled by how little weight it has, the Karbon SP is no lightweight when it comes to protecting your phone. The case itself is ultra comfortable to hold and the buttons on the iPhone lose none of their tactile feel. I review a lot of cases and I like a lot of cases. The Evutec Karbon SP Series ranks at the top and I will agree with my fellow writer and reviewer Drew Sanders, this gets my highest recommendation and earns 5 stars out of 5. A company’s product is just half the story though, I’m excited to meet with these guys again at CES 2015 to see where they’re taking this company and check out their newest stuff. I am certain they are going to be just as pumped as they were when I first met them. Hit the link below to get your Karbon SP and to browse the Evutec site.

Evutec Karbon SP , Evutec


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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