Kickstarter: Padcaster Mini Turns Your iPad Mini Into A Film Rig



Kickstarter is a great place to find very cool new products and be a part of helping those products get off the ground. Josh Apter successfully made the Padcasterir?t=techaeris 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00AQADEES through his Kickstarter for that product not too long ago and now he’s back to try and fund his newest project, the Padcaster Mini. You can read a little about it below and catch the Kickstarter link after the break.

What is the Padcaster Mini?

Based on the same design as our Original Padcaster, The Padcaster Mini features a sturdy aluminum frame with a flexible insert, tailor-fit for the iPad mini. The iPad mini offers the same impressive 1080p HD video recording as the iPad Air in a lighter, more compact package. It’s the perfect Padcaster companion and natural next step in production.

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The aluminum frame is lined with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attaching lights, mics and other camera gear. Great for handheld video, the Padcaster Mini also has a special bottom thread and locking pin hole that allows you to mount it to a professional monopod or tripod.

The secure and flexible insert lets you easily pop your iPad mini into the Padcaster – a snug fit for protection, confidence and steady on-the-go shooting.

Included with every Padcaster Mini are two cold shoe adapters for your favorite lights or mics, a lens bracket with both 72mm and 58mm threads for your choice of wide angle or telephoto adapters, four hand-tightening screws to attach the lens bracket and even a custom camera mount screw to use the Padcaster Mini frame as a standalone DSLR cage!

Now you can shoot, edit and distribute your HD video right from the iPad mini, making it ideal for video blogging, journalism, Livestreaming and much more.

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What Makes The Padcaster Different from the other iPad Videography Cases Out There?

Though the original inspiration and intended use for the Padcaster was as a piece of videography equipment, its versatile design has inspired our customers to use it in a variety of ways we never even imagined.

We’ve seen our product used as a teleprompter and as a cage for a DSLR. We’ve seen it tricked out with LED lights, and hooked up to watch television in bed, as well as in the backseat of a car. We’ve even seen it used by Kelly Croy of Wired Educator as a tool to help disabled children in the classroom.

Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism used The Padcaster to film their first ever live broadcast! They later joined us at the 2013 CWW Expo and were led by their technical manager Phil Altiere in producing a mini news show for the CCW audience using the same technology as they did for The Wolfstock Live Broadcast.

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Over this last year, we’ve been amazed to see not only the possibilities of The Padcaster, but also the inventiveness of the people who use it. We can’t help but think that the Padcaster for the iPad mini will inspire more creativity!

The original Padcaster looks like a cool device and we can see the Mini version doing just as well for those iPad Mini owners. Hit the Kickstarter link below to see the Kickstarter and get more info on the project. There are 14 days to go and the project is fully funded already but there’s still time to get the Kickstarter perks.





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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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