Kickstarter Review: Fuz Designs’ Everdock

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Kickstarter is an awesome way to discover new tech and after a successful venture with LimeAde I decided to show my support to another venture and invest in Fuz Design’s Everdock: Universal Dock.

While I am a proud owner of an HTC One, I am disappointed in the lack of accessories on the market for my handset.  From docks to cases, I was having a hard time finding something that catches my eye so when I came across Everdock, I was delighted.  This dock touts itself as universal catering to all devices by simply switching out the cord via the cable adapters.  When it comes to mobile devices my household runs the gamut; from the iPhone 5s to the HTC 8X so this dock would come in handy!  This funded right after Thanksgiving and promised delivery by Christmas Eve.  So I pledged $200 for two singular and two double docks. Sweet!  I chose the space grey and black for both my singular and dual docks along with silicone protectors in multiple colors.

Check it out:

Dope, right?

Everdock Schematics
Everdock Schematics

The Everdock packaging is simplistic and easy to get into.  Once inside everything in the picture is included minus the micro-USB cords (they were provided, just not in the original packaging). The instructions are clear…easy to understand.  The sticky surface on the bottom of the dock works on the different surfaces I placed it.  I also really like that the cords are guided  through the back of the dock and not sticking out at all different angles and/or causing the dock to be unstable.  My docks are the nightly charging sources for my devices so I tend to set it and forget it.  I can access all buttons (although the speakers on my 5S are covered and muffled when docked) and have full access to the screen for snoozing alarms and quickly checking notifications.  Mounting and dismounting is easy (although sometimes the silicone peels away from the base when dismounting) and while I do have some side-to-side movement when my HTC One is docked, the Everdocks have become a beautiful addition to my tech.

I will admit, my first month with the Everdock was not pleasant.  There were some charging issues with any device that was not iOS.  I attempted to charge a LG G2 first which was a fail.  The charging LED did not light and the phone seemed to have a hard time recognizing the charging source.  Next I tried an HTC 8X which did not charge at all (no LED) and I let the phone sit for 3 hours .  Then, I tried my HTC One and surprise surprise, the charging LED came on but there was a very slow charge.  After a short back and forth with Fuz’s customer service department, I was shipped new micro-USB cords and slimmer silicone pieces to try which solved my charging issues instantly. I had no issues with my iOS devices even my iPad Air charged quickly and with my SmartCover on.



Final thoughts:

While I like the Everdock, I do have some issues.  Threading the charging cable through the guide isn’t the easiest thing and at times my devices do not feel secure or sturdy when docked.  My devices tend to wobble or lean to one side unevenly with or without a case .  While the device still charges, I worry about the longevity of my charging port(s).   Everdock has posted a video on this issue:

Thin Silicone Adapter

I did receive the thin silicone pieces and it did help with the stability but it’s not 100%.

Everdock’s ability to charge anything makes this a sure fire recommendation for anyone, especially those who have multiple devices.  I give it an 8 out of 10.  You can purchase an Everdock here.  Does anyone else own an Everdock?  Have you had any issues or was your experience flawless?  Share your experience in the comments.

Everdock website

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Last Updated on December 28, 2015.


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