Google Is Readying Glass For A Kit-Kat Upgrade



As an almost Glass Explorer I try and follow Glass news as closely as I can. I had the opportunity to get Glass on a few occasions only to have obstacles (life) get thrown in my face. But for those who do own Glass there is some very fine news coming down the inter webs today. Looks like Glass will be getting an upgrade from the dated Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS to the more recent Kit-Kat Android OS. Russell Holly over at is confirming this as he is a member of the MyGlass forums (Glass users only). According to Holly, Glass users were told there would be no monthly update in February leaving some a little confused because Google promised monthly updates. But as Holly writes;

Russell Holly

Google’s monthly update promise was never a good idea long term. It is fun to know that once a month there’s going to be something new to play with on your wearable computer, and that pace probably suited Google when initially trying to attract an audience. At this point, however, the publicity gained by minor feature updates and the occasional app or three is in danger of being dwarfed by the realization that the platform is in need of more significant changes.

I whole heartily agree with his assessment. It’s always fun to get updates on a monthly basis, it feeds the tech geek inside us all. But it can also get boring when the updates are so minor it ruins your enthusiasm. I’m all for waiting just a little bit longer for an update that has some meat to it. And this upcoming update from ICS to Kit-Kat is significant. Head on over to and read a little more about why this update for Glass is good. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this update.


Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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