Review: Limefuel L28N5 Nexus 5 Battery Case

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There is no shortage of battery cases for the iPhone, and there are a decent amount for the Samsung Galaxy S4. They’re all over the place on Amazon and various other online retailers. But it is a rare thing indeed to ever find such a thing for Google’s flagship Nexus phone, the Nexus 5. However, we ran across a crazy awesome company called Limefuel and they’ve taken it upon themselves to create one just for you and me…the Limefuel L28N5, a 2860mAh battery case for your Nexus 5.

First Impressions

Limefuel’s thoughts are very broad for their product. Seems to me they’ve put time into the whole experience and not just the delivery of the main dish. Limefuel’s packaging is extremely well done. Opening the L28N5 is like opening your Nexus 5 for the first time. Very nice and high end packaging for a battery case, probably the best packaging for this type of product I have ever seen. Pulling the L28N5 out of the box, it does carry a bit of weight to it. It’s not bust your wrist, Gold’s Gym dumbbell type weight, but it’s noticeable and does add that extra to the overall phone.

The materials are a sort of soft touch, matte finish with a nice soft texture to it, I never felt that the case would slip out of my hand. Although these materials are a fingerprint magnet, but there’s not many materials that don’t attract fingerprints. The size of the L28N5 is acceptable, it’s obviously going to add some size to Nexus 5 because the phone has to fit into it. I’d say that slapping the L28N5 on your Nexus 5 is going to give it a Galaxy Note 3 size feel (without a case) though slightly thicker. One of the nicer things about the look of the L28N5 is it’s simplicity, no gaudy overdone logos, just subtle branding on the side that’s actually easy to miss.

The case itself is a two piece construction. You slide the N5 into the micro-usb port and snap the top over it into place. The 2860mAh battery is good for one full charge from about 20% so this basically doubles the life of the N5. All of the buttons retain their tactile responsiveness and the speakers are also attended to with two generous cutouts at the bottom. The headphone jack is also accessible though you may have an issue with fatter connectors. The micro-usb port at the bottom serves to charge both the phone and the case, so just plug it in overnight and both will charge.

Limefuel has also included a flat wire micro-usb cable/lightning connector. Yes the cable is a combo cable which can be used for both micro-usb devices and Apple lightning devices. Not quite sure why they designed it this way, but it’s actually pretty convenient for those of us with a multi-OS household. The back of the case houses the LED lights that show your phone is charging and shows how much juice is left in the pack. Input is 5V/1A and the output is 5V/2A. During our tests the L28N5 had no problem charging our N5 up from 20% to 100%, although I did find it to be a bit slower than some of the iPhone battery cases (though that comparison isn’t really a great benchmark, I mean this is the very first battery case for an N5).

Final Thoughts

The Limfuel L28N5 is a keeper. The price point of $75 is inline with other battery cases if not even a bit cheaper. It kept our N5 from dying in the middle of the day. My wife loves her N5 but her experience with its battery has been less than pleasing. She often had to use external batteries to keep her phone from dying. Coming from the Galaxy Note 2 it was a shock to her because the Note 2 was a champ on battery. The Limefuel L28N5 has given her hope and gets her through the day without ever using an external.

Bear in mind, the L28N5 will add some weight and bulk to your N5, and this might not be welcome for some users. But that aside, the L28N5 is phenomenal. Its simple design keeps the look of the N5 intact. It offers great protection as a case alone. And the added battery doubles the life of the Nexus 5 easily. I give the L28N5 a solid, very solid, 5 stars out of 5. Highly recommended! Hit the link below to get your Limefuel L28N5!

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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